Board & Train for puppy sets Spring Grove family free for Spring break


33473450 - family walking dog through winter woodland

Imagine leaving Spring Grove for Spring Break while your dog stays at a kennel near home and receives an intense, but fun, training called Board & Train. There’s a word for that – Fantastic.

Dad came in the door of your Spring Grove home and hollered, “Family meeting. Everyone in the kitchen.”


“Uh, oh. This can’t be good, can it?” And the look on dad’s face suggested it wasn’t. He looked, well, grim.

As you, mom, your sister and brother arrived, dad pointed at the chairs and said, “Sit.” Then, he stood at the head of the table and glowered at all of you. You all held your breath as he began to speak, trying to imagine what possible transgression could have brought this on. But, as he spoke, a transformation occurred.

With a mischievous grin, dad said, “So, the boss has decided I can have the last week of March off. You know what that means?”

It took a second to sink in. Then it hit: “SPRINGBREAK.”

You, your brother and sister, even mom, were jumping around, everyone realizing the idle discussion of leaving Spring Grove behind for a week and flying down to Disney World was no longer idle. It was a reality soon to happen. And, as you all jumped, even Patches, your 11-month-old Schnocker (Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Schnauzer mix), unsure of why everyone was so happy, was joining in, jumping and barking with the rest of you.

At first, all of you laughed at how excited Patches was but then mom stopped jumping. You saw the look on her face and stopped jumping, too. You saw her looking at Patches and, as your eyes followed hers to your white-and-black dog and then it dawned on you, too. What will you do with Patches while you’re away?

Dad, who had stood back with a big, proud grin, saw your and mom’s reaction. But, dad seemed as though he was prepared for it. As mom turned to talk, dad interrupted knowingly: “I’ve already taken care of that.”

“How?” asked mom.

“You’re going to like this,” dad said, getting serious for a moment. “Not only have I arranged for Patches to stay in a really good kennel while we’re gone (at this point, your brother and sister caught on and stopped jumping – only Patches continued), Patches will get some training at the same time. They call it Board & Train, and God knows Patches can use it.”

Your brother and sister started to jump again. Mom smiled. You started to smile but then you asked, “Are you sure Patches will be okay while we’re gone?”

“Absolutely,” said dad. “I checked out a couple places on the way home. The place I chose is outstanding but, if you’re worried, you can take a ride with me tomorrow and check it out yourself. And it’s not far from Patches home here in Spring Grove.”

Now, it was time to jump again.

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Don’t forget dog training when bringing a dog into your Addison home


Addison train dog children

Bringing a dog into your Addison home is a wonderful idea but dog training is essential, especially if you have children.

They have a wonderful home in Addison, two beautiful young children and only one thing missing – a dog. She grew up with a dog and knows the pleasure of living with a dog. However, a dog is a new idea for him and he worries about how the dog will interact with the children. The key to dogs living with children is training – for the dog and the children.


It’s a good idea to teach children not to pull the dog’s hair, ears or poke the dog in the eyes. With these kinds of behavior, some dogs will respond in self-defense. Some dogs are so wonderful with children that the kids can climb all over the dog, pull its hair, tail and ears and the dog will submit to the punishment patiently. Still, it’s a good idea to teach toddlers not to do things like this to the dog.

On the other hand, there’s no question that you should bring a dog for training when you introduce the dog to your children in your Addison home. Even if you don’t have children, it’s a great idea.

There’s just no way around it; living with a well-trained dog is an entirely difference experience when compared to living with a dog that isn’t trained. That idea is to the tenth power when you have children.

With a well-trained dog, you’ll know the dog won’t nip, bite or scratch the little ones. What’s more, your children will have live-in protector to defend them from outside threats.

Look at it another way: teaching your toddlers to work with the dog will also serve as a learning experience for your children. They’ll build confidence as they discover their ability, with experience, to command a dog that may be significantly bigger than they are.

With dog training, you also won’t have to worry about your dog hurting some of the kids in your neighborhood. That’s true even if the local tykes stick their fingers through the fence by your dog. Or, if you’re taking your dog for a walk, you won’t have to worry about the dog jumping up on an Addison neighbor, whether that neighbor is the little elderly woman down the block or the 5-year old next door.

Bringing a dog into your Addison home to join your family is a wonderful idea. But, don’t forget the dog training. It will make a world of difference in your experience with your dog and your dog will appreciate it, too.

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Alden’s Kennels Multi-State Mixer rich in potential for area businesses


AldensKennels_Multi_State Mixer

Time to give your business a boost. The Aldens Kennels Multi-State Mixer is the mixer with the most potential.

Does your business need some exposure before it goes to the dogs? Well, maybe you should take your business to the dogs for some exposure; maybe you should have a Tasting Station or do a sponsorship at one of the biggest, most proven networking mixers in the Midwest – the Multi-State Mixer at Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Rd., Ringwood, IL.


That’s quite a claim but consider that this mixer has 12-participating chambers with attendance expected to surpass 300. That’s quite a crowd of potential power partners, clients and/or friends you can meet from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 5.

We’re not talking about a random group of people here; these are successful business owners from Chicagoland and into Wisconsin. Many are business owners who are returning after discovering this networking gold mine in one of its previous five years.

Mixers offer opportunities to let the business world know you’re there while making some connections. Meeting people at a mixer is a great way to lay the groundwork for relationships that may provide value in the future.

If mingling is rich in opportunity, consider the potential of standing out in this crowd. As a sponsor, you’ll have several options:

  • Beverage Bar Sponsor ($1,000): Choice of inside or outside bar to have your company’s name on, including recognition as the Beverage Sponsor during the event, on signage for the event and on the Alden’s Kennels Facebook page. A table with a vinyl banner with your logo you can go home with; Website page with a link for your business video and picture advertisement. Vinyl graphics on our floor till the mixer again next year for all our clients and the public to see year-round.
  • Tent Sponsor ($750): Includes recognition as the Tent Sponsor during the event, on signage for the event and on the Alden’s Kennels Facebook page, a table with a vinyl banner with your logo you can go home with, vinyl graphics on our floor until next year for all our clients and the public, at events, to see throughout the year, and a Website page with a link for your business video and picture advertisement.
  • Coffee Sponsor ($300): Includes recognition as a Coffee Sponsor during the event, on signage and on the Alden’s Kennels Facebook page; a table with a vinyl banner with your logo you can go home with; vinyl graphics on our floor until next year for all our clients and the public, at events, to see throughout the year.

If you Tasting Station at this red-carpet affair, Alden’s will provide a serving table, tablecloth, sanitize station, and electricity, if needed. There is no registration fee for a Tasting Station though you will need a chef or staff member to plate and serve tastings, and you’ll need a current Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Whichever way you go, a Tasting Station and/or a Sponsorship, the Multi-State Mixer is rich in potential you don’t want to waste.

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Dog Training – the perfect Valentine’s gift for her and your Third Lake dog


Dog training Valentines Day

Something different to get her for Valentine’s Day? How about paying so she can take that Third Lake dog for dog training?

You could get your wife or girlfriend some candy, send some flowers, even send one of those Teddy bears. But, how long will any of those last? The flowers will die, the candy she’ll eat, and the bear will fall apart over time, especially if your Third Lake puppy gets hold of it. But, there is an alternative that will remind her of Valentine’s Day for years to come.


You could sign the dog up for some dog training

Imagine how much she’ll enjoy the interaction going to dog training with her puppy. The process is fun, for the owner and the dog. It also builds a deeper bond between her and her dog. As much as she loves her dog, the idea of a deeper bond is quite a benefit of dog training.

Even though she loves her puppy completely, there are still ‘those’ time. You know the times; when the puppy makes a mess on the living room carpet, chews up one of her slippers, jumps up and damages her favorite dress. She doesn’t stop loving the puppy, but those moments are trying.

Dog training will, at the very least, reduce trying moments. If she and the puppy stick with it a while, they’ll virtually eliminate the puppy’s behavioral issues.

Dog training can eliminate the ‘drawbacks’ of dog ownership. More than that, however, it enhances the benefits and can do so dramatically.

With training, that puppy won’t jump on visitors who come to her Third Lake home. With training, the puppy will know where to do her business and, if necessary, will indicate the need. With dog training, the dog will come when called. She’ll be more protective but in a safer manner.

Dog training is the way that a puppy becomes a member of the team rather than an independent agent who acts in her own interests and acts out almost randomly (their behavior probably isn’t as random as it may seem).

So, you can run to a Third Lake store and buy her something perishable for Valentine’s Day or you can get her something she’ll cherish for years to come.

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Use your senses when you bring your Mundelein dog to a kennel


50577005 - man motivate his dog before canine competition in the car.

When you leave your Mundelein home for a trip, business or pleasure, you want to make sure you use your senses choosing a kennel.

How long will you leave your dog at the kennel when you leave Mundelein for business or pleasure? Dog owners typically leave their dogs at the kennel for a week or more. They want a kennel where their dog will be safe, healthy and happy while they’re gone. This means that you can’t just do a search and choose any-old kennel when it’s time.


So, how do you choose a kennel where your dog will receive the care he or she deserves, and where you won’t worry while you’re away? There’s nothing worse than spoiling your vacation worrying about whether your dog is okay when you’re supposed to be hitting the slopes, swimming in a pool on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. And, if you’re on business, you certainly don’t need the distraction.

Choosing a good kennel starts with using your senses. And that means just about all of them.

The kennel is not the same as your Mundelein home. But, it should provide care that is on par with the care you provide your dog, which isn’t to say your dog won’t be happy to see you when you return. If the kennel is a quality facility, however, your dog won’t spend the entire time you’re gone pining for you and lonely. That’s because a quality kennel takes into account more than just the health and safety of your dog; they also consider your dog’s state of mind and emotional welfare.

So, what should you look for in a kennel and how should you apply your senses?

  • Start with your intellect. Logic will suggest that you should do more than look up just-any kennel. You want to do some research. How long has the kennel been providing for dogs while their people are away? What kinds of kennel-related services do they offer? And what kind of reputation do they have? If you have friends to ask, do so. Either way, take some time to check out online comments about the kennel.
  • Use your sense of sight. Look the facility over inside and out. Are there any hazards your dog needs to worry about? Is it secure – your dog won’t get out and run away and no one will get in unnoticed? Is it clean? This includes the private rooms. You may see the occasional mess but it should be clear that the kennel is staying on top of the issue and cleaning the rooms regularly.
  • Use your sense of smell. This fits with the idea of a clean kennel. In a kennel, it may not be possible to eliminate even the slightest scent of dogs, but it should be well monitored. At the same time, you don’t want a kennel to have an oppressive smell of bleach, either. Use common sense and use your nose.
  • Use your hearing. Dogs will bark. Some dogs like to bark and do so with frequency. Most will also bark because you’ve entered the kennel. You’re someone new and interesting entering their territory. But, listen to how the folks maintaining the kennel and caring for the dogs, interacts with the dogs. Does it sound as though they’re trying to develop a positive rapport with the dogs? Are they kind in the way they treat and talk to the dogs? Do they lose their temper or display patience?

If you use your senses, the next time you leave your dog at a kennel, when leaving your Mundelein home for a while, you’ll know that your dog is in good hands. And you won’t have to worry.

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Cleanliness says a lot about the kennel where you leave your Lake Geneva dog


kennel cleanliness

The first way to judge the quality of the kennel where you may leave your dog is to consider if the kennel is kept clean.

Your dog is really fortunate. She has a good home, she’s healthy and she’s loved. But, though Lake Geneva is a great place to live, there are times when you have to go away. You might even leave this vacation playland to go on vacation somewhere else. For whatever reason you’re leaving, you want to leave your dog in a proper kennel where the care is good, and she’ll be healthy and happy.


There are a number of factors to consider when leaving your dog at a kennel. Does the kennel have a good reputation for caring for the dogs it’s entrusted with? Are the folks operating the kennel experienced – do they know what they’re doing? Is the kennel secure? Are the dogs in the kennel happy? But, the first thing to look at is whether the kennel is clean.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” works for dogs, too.

  • Why is it important that a kennel is kept clean?
    It demonstrates attention to detail and concern for the welfare of the dogs in the kennel’s care. A kennel that doesn’t maintain cleanliness is a kennel with other things on its mind. Oh, they’ll shove your pet in a crate and throw some food and water at them once in a while, but are they really engaged in the welfare of your dog while in their care?
  • A cleaner room for your dog is a healthier room for your dog. Inevitably, a quality kennel is cleaner and, rather than any old space that passes for a pen, your dog will stay in a room specifically created and maintained for their health, safety, and happiness. Without a focus on cleanliness, a kennel could be a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. The same is true at your home, which is one of the reasons you clean up for your dog. Why would you expect anything less from your kennel?
  • A focus on cleanliness means your dog’s ‘business’ won’t lay there waiting for your dog to walk in it and spread it around. A kennel can’t follow a dog around and catch their ‘business’ before it hits the ground. But, if they’re serious about cleanliness, they’re looking in regularly to clean the ‘duty’ away promptly.
  • Consistent attention to cleanliness can’t happen without consistent attentiveness to your dog in general. If your dog has a need, it won’t go unnoticed for long in a kennel where they focus on cleanliness. And, maintaining a clean room for your dog means that your dog will have regular interaction with someone who cares – someone who cares enough to worry that your dog’s room is clean.

Lake Geneva is a great place for people and their dogs to live. But, when you need to go away, make sure you leave your dog at a place that is as clean, healthy and safe as your own home.

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Fox Lake cats need to choose a good cat hotel for Spring Break fun


cat proper diet Hawthorn Woods

You don’t want to leave your cat just anywhere when you go on Spring Break. Cats from Fox Lake, like yours, are more particular than that.

Spring break is fast approaching for the felines of Fox Lake. Okay, we have a little time left before the fun actually begins, but you don’t want to wait until the last moment to start making plans. In particular, you want to reserve a room now, while the best rooms are still available. Don’t wait like some other cats who put it off too long.


Cat hotels are filling fast. You don’t want to spend your Spring Break stuck in some dive where the cat rooms are dirty and cramped, where other cats are unhappy and behaving as though they have distemper. You want a room in a cat hotel where the cool cats stay.

How do you know where the cool cats will go when they head out from Fox Lake for Spring Break? Ask around. What do those other cats have to say about Spring Break and their plans? Still, you don’t want to blindly follow the clowder – any old group of cats. Sniff things out on your own. Get the lay of the land before you curl up in a cat hotel for the feline festivities.

Check it out; is the cat hotel you’re considering clean? Not just a little clean but finicky-cat clean? Dogs like a clean room. Cats are more demanding and if the rooms in the hotel aren’t clean, well, that just won’t do. And, by all means, make sure the litter box is kept clean.

Cats, such as you, are communal animals, when you want to be. That means you’ll want the opportunity to interact with other cats, from time to time. But, you also want a cat hotel where you can have some private time, a little space when you’re not in the mood for the shenanigans of all those other cats.

What about entertainment? What kind of cat hotel doesn’t offer any entertainment? A cat hotel that’s for the dogs. Well, actually, even the dogs wouldn’t put up with that.

The better cat hotels will have things for cats to climb on. They’ll have toys. Some cat hotels will even have flat-screen televisions with cat-friendly movies playing.

Well, now that you’ve figured out what to look for in a cat hotel, just remember, you don’t want to do anything during Spring Break that will go viral online where cats back home in Fox Lake will see what you were up to.

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