Have you thought of a Christmas present for your dog?


Christmas present for your dog

Will there be any presents under the tree Christmas morning for your best friend – your dog?

You probably have a pretty good idea what you would like to find under the tree Christmas morning. But, what would your dog like to find under there?


You are planning to buy a present for your dog, aren’t you? ‘Man’s best friend’ and all that, certainly your dog deserves a Christmas present. All year long, he or she has provided you with comfort and companionship, as well as unflinching loyalty. Think of the hole in your life if your dog wasn’t there. Think of the appreciation they’ll show when they discover that one of those fancy-wrapped presents under the tree is for them.

So, we can agree that you should buy something for your dog this holiday, but what? Keep in mind that dogs aren’t concerned with the cost of a gift. You don’t even have to worry about pulling off the price tag; your dog will be so excited he or she won’t even bother looking to see what the gift cost. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your dog’s present some thought.

The possible gifts you can give your dog can include the following, but this list could go on and on:

  • Chewies and rawhides
  • Dog cookie treats
  • Squeaky toys
  • A new leash and collar, and the promise the you and your dog will use it more often
  • A sweater to keep them warm through the winter months
  • Doggie booties
  • A dog massage
  • Some socks tied into knots
  • A new brush
  • An old shoe you would otherwise throw out
  • A new pen
  • A certificate for a week at a spa-like kennel (while you’re away somewhere)
  • An appointment with the dog groomer
  • A new dog dish
  • A new doggie bed
  • A ball they can fetch when you throw it again and again and again
  • A treat ball that you fill with their favorite snack
  • A coupon for an hour or two of petting and belly scratching
  • An appointment with an animal communicator
  • A new doghouse
  • A new frisbie

As mentioned above, this list can grow and grow. And spending more really won’t buy your dog more happiness. With dogs, it truly is the thought that counts. However, you should be very concerned about safety.

Don’t buy a Christmas present for your dog that will get lodged in their throat. Make sure that whatever you get them doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Use common sense and get something they’ll love without any hazards. Wrapping is optional – your dog probably won’t care.


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Better kennels offer quality boarding for cats, too


75199411 - birds in nesting box and cat hunting

A quality kennel will offer a cat hotel that is comfortable and entertaining. After all, boarding cats is important, too.


What will you do about your cat while you’re away? Unfortunately, the airline won’t allow you to bring Whiskers into the jet’s cabin for the flight. It’s not entirely unreasonable of them; someone on the flight is liable to have allergies. So, that still leaves you wondering what to do about your cat while you’re away?

You usually ask a friend to housesit when you go away. But, with the holiday, they aren’t going to be home either. Your brother could housesit, too, but do you really want to come home to a house that smells like cigars. Besides, Whiskers won’t like the smell of cigars either and your brother isn’t a cat person.

The neighbor raves about the kennel where he takes his dog. That’s all well and good but you don’t have a dog; Whiskers is a cat.

What if the kennel also boards cats when cat owners are away? Is that possible?

Actually, depending on the kennel, that is possible. And, if it’s a good kennel, you don’t have to worry that they’ll shove your cat in a cage and forget about her except to slide some food and water in once a day. That’s terrible. That’s not taking care of your cat.

Whiskers deserves more and a quality kennel that boards cats understands. A better kennel will offer the kind of Cat Hotel you’ll find, for instance, at Aldens Kennels. These are what you might call feline luxury accommodations. If you hold your cat’s kennel to the standards set by Aldens, Whiskers will be in very good hands.

Whiskers will have multi-story living and room to stretch his paws. She’ll have toys to play with and good food and fresh water. She’ll even have a flat-screen television with cat-friendly programming to watch.

Why shouldn’t a cat have accommodations that live up to her desires? Whiskers isn’t finicky; she’s discriminating. When you get back from your trip, Whiskers will thank you.


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Board & Train – the gift of the holidays for that ‘special’ someone, and their dog


board and train Christmas present

What’s the perfect Christmas present for your loved one … your loved one who has a dog? Is their dog well trained? If not, imagine how Board & Train can transform both of their lives.

You just don’t know what to get for Uncle Joe this Christmas. You can only buy him so many ties. But, if not a tie, what to buy him? Think about it – what does Uncle Joe really need? What do Uncle Joe and his dog really need?


Now, there’s the key – “…Uncle Joe and his dog …”

What happened the last time you went to visit Uncle Joe? Uncle Joe let you in the house and, immediately, his dog jumped up, virtually knocking you down, while he put his paws on your shoulders and proceeded to lick your face. That wouldn’t be so bad except that you’ve seen some of the other things he licks.

Or maybe, when you arrived at Uncle Joe’s, he opened the door a little while straining to hold the dog back by the collar while it fought to get at you – growling barking and snapping: “Give me a minute to lock this one in the other room.”

Inside, you notice the spots on the rug where Uncle Joe has picked up ‘land mines’ or dried minor floods. You’ve seen the evidence of chewing on the bottoms of chairs. You’ve asked Uncle Joe, “What happened to that lamp you used to have here,” and he explained that the dog got excited when someone else came to visit and went up the couch and over the end table, knocking the lamp to the floor in the process.

You’ve seen the signs that Uncle Joe’s life with his dog is not manageable. In fact, it’s a mess. The chewing of furniture, the broken treasures: those are bad enough. But, God forbid Uncle Joe’s dog doesn’t actually knock someone down or bite someone.

The cost of medical care is bad enough but, if the lawyers get involved, the cost of living with that dog could drive Uncle Joe right into the Poor House.

What can you give Uncle Joe for Christmas? Give him the gift you can also give his dog; give Uncle Joe a certificate for Board & Train lessons at a nearby, and qualified kennel.

With Board & Train, Uncle Joe will drop the dog off for a couple weeks and, when he comes back to pick up the dog, a canine gentle-dog will come home with him. Life will then change for Uncle Joe. Life will also change for his dog. Both will be much happier. And, the cost of dog ownership will decrease significantly.

Board & Train really is the perfect Christmas present.

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Would you clone your dog … now that you can?

It would cost a lot of money but imagine if you could clone your dog. When your dog passed, you would have your loved pet brought back, cloned as a new dog, the same dog. If you could, would you?

Actually, it’s not a question of whether you could – you can. This service is available today. The accurate part is the cost; yes, it’s very expensive. Prices are said to range from $50,000 to $100,000. But, what wouldn’t you pay to have your best, four-legged friend back?

dog clone

Two dogs are better than one … or you can clone your dog after she’s gone and bring her back again. Would you clone your dog now that you can?


The question is whether you would, now that you can.

If you clone your dog, is it the same dog? You couldn’t assume that it would know how to behave the way it used to behave; you’d have to train it again, as a puppy. Then again, if you brought your dog home as a rescue or an adult dog, maybe this would offer a chance to train your dog from a puppy – a second chance with ‘the same dog?’

The loss of a dog is one of the most difficult experiences many will have in their lifetimes, second only to the losses of loved ones among their friends and family. But, would you bring your pet back, virtually, from the dead? Would you bring loved ones back from the dead?

In the book ‘Harry Potter: the Deathly Hallows,’ as seen in the movie by the same name ‘Part 1,’ we hear the tale of a wizard who receives a stone from Death that will bring loved ones back from the grave. But, as the story continues, it turns out that the revived turns desperately sad because they don’t really belong in this world. Of course, cloning is not the same as a magical stone, though it does seem almost magical to consider.

Then again, you might look at the idea of cloning a pet that has died as a setup for a sequel to ‘Cujo;’ who knows how it will act or what effect cloning will have on its temperament.

Another question to ask is whether a clone would be more your lost dog than, say, one of its puppies. Or, maybe, with your cloned pet your denying an opportunity for another rescue dog somewhere. Maybe it was time for your dog to move on to the next world and for you to share the love you had for that dog with another and, not necessarily, with a clone of that former pet.

Our pets live in our hearts years after they’re gone. Will a clone enrich this memory or cheapen it? It’s hard to say. What do you think?

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Shop With A Cop raffles traditionally full of awesome pet supplies

Shop With A Cop and Bambi


Each year, the week before Thanksgiving week, there is a fundraiser – well, more of a party – at the McHenry VFW that raises money for Shop With A Cop, the event where law-enforcement officials chaperone area disadvantaged children, in their squad cars, for some holiday shopping.

The fundraiser includes live music, good food and prizes – lots of prizes. The prizes are in raffles, silent auctions and live auctions. You’ll find table after table of prizes at the event. There are coupons for area restaurants, baskets of cosmetics, massage certificates, automotive accessories, toys and much more. But, among those prizes, you’ll also traditionally find gifts for pets and pet owners.

Imagine a basket of goodies, filled to overflowing, with treats, dog toys and bedding for your dog. Or, how about coupons for horseback riding lessons, or coupons for dog training. These are some of the prizes available each year on the tables at the Shop With A Cop benefit.

So, if you’re a pet lover, you may find a prize waiting on the tables at the McHenry VFW that are precisely what you’re looking for. And, while you’re at it, you might want to throw a ticket into the cup for some of the other prizes; you might want to tender a bid for some of the auction prizes.

Rumor has it that the live auction includes a package for a Cubs game that’s more than just a chance to watch a game. They say it includes dinner and over-night accommodations for two. But, whatever prizes you might take home from the event, the real prize is the difference you can make in a young child’s life.

When times are tough for a family, they’re tough for the children, too. A child can become disillusioned by their hardship. They may wonder if anyone cares. The Shop with a Cop program gives evidence to these children that someone does care.

Making that kind of a difference in a child’s life today can have long-term benefits for a young man or woman as they grow into adulthood.

The Shop With A Cop Fundraiser is …

6 p.m. to Midnight
Saturday, Nov. 13
McHenry VFW
3002 IL-Rte 120

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Here’s a comparison: living with an untrained dog or a well-trained dog


26398277 - owner training puppy dog with treat

The difference between living with an untrained dog or a well-trained dog is night and day. It’s worth any and all effort you put into it. Of course, with the help of professionals, the amount of effort required is reduced.

Wouldn’t it be neat if your dog was well trained? You could show your dog off to friends and family and watch them ‘Oooohhh’ and ‘Aaaahhh’ as your dog performed tricks, right?


The idea of your dog performing tricks is nice. It’s a great conversation piece. But, it’s not the kind of conversation that will go on and on. And, it’s debatable whether it’s worth the effort to train your dog to do parlor tricks. That’s not the real benefit of training your dog.

What you get with a well-trained dog is a different life experience compared to living with an untrained dog. Here are some of the ways your life will be different if you train up that untrained dog:

When you take walks, they won’t pull constantly on the leash. Depending on where you live, and the local statutes, you may have the opportunity to walk your dog without a leash. Of course, this assumes that your dog is really well trained – that your dog won’t take off running, and not come back if a rabbit is spooked from some bushes while you walk. In either case, just having a dog that isn’t constantly trying to drag you down the sidewalk, or out into traffic, is incredible, if that’s what you’re used to.

With an untrained dog, you need to keep a good eye on your valuables. Who knows what they’ll chew up next? But, a well-trained dog is more likely to guard your valuables than destroy them. That brings up another point.

A well-trained dog will bark if someone is sneaking around your house and, depending on how they’re trained, may attack an intruder who tries to do you harm. An untrained dog will bark whenever they feel the urge. How will you know the difference if they’re just randomly barking or if someone is trying to get in to hurt you, your family or steal your valuables?

An untrained dog will beg for food incessantly. They’ll steal food off the table if they have the chance. A well-trained dog won’t beg but will appreciate any treats you give them. And, you can leave them alone with food on the coffee table in the living room and they won’t even sniff.

An untrained dog may bite one of the neighbor children. A well-trained dog won’t bite neighbor kids. They won’t give you cause to meet employees of the Department of Animal Control or to spend money paying for other peoples’ damages.

An untrained dog is liable to leave ‘little presents’ all over your house. “Presents?” Some also call these ‘landmines.’ They’re the result of dogs that don’t know where to go potty and, most importantly, where not to go to the bathroom.

An untrained dog requires a lot of attention. You always have to make sure they’re not doing something wrong, getting into something or running away. A well-trained dog requires a minimum of effort to live with you. They’re a pleasure to live with. You’re free to love them without working through your feelings of aggravation when they behave badly.

What are the advantages of an untrained dog? Hmmm. I’m thinking …

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Board & Train – crash course in dog training may do the trick


board and train crash course

Board & Train offers a crash course for canines.

Life is busy. Some folks just don’t have time to attend a series of dog training lessons. Still, they want their dogs to learn to behave better. A bit of a dilemma, isn’t it? Actually, there is a solution that may meet the needs of these busy people – Board & Train.


Instead of coming to a dog training lesson every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night, or a Saturday afternoon, they bring their dog by a kennel that offers Board & Train. They drop the dog off one weekend and pick the dog up the following weekend. In between, the dog receives a crash course that can transform a dog from an irascible nuisance to a contributing member of the family.

Each day, the dog gets up, takes care of its business, has something to eat and receives a lesson in doggy etiquette. While he or she is having a lesson, their room is cleaned with fresh mints on the pillows. Well, maybe not mints. The point is that they come back to a clean and relaxing room when their lessons are over. This assumes, however, that you’ve chosen the kennel wisely for your dog’s Board & Train experience.

You wouldn’t choose a university out of a hat. And you wouldn’t stay at any old hotel, would you? It’s the same with Board & Train.

You want to bring your dog to a kennel that offers 5-Star accommodations. This ensures that they’ll have a safe, comfortable, clean and healthy stay. You shouldn’t settle for anything less. This means that you’ll want to do some research to check out the intended kennel before you register your dog at the front desk.

You also want to check out the kennel’s dog training credentials and reputation. Do they know what they’re doing? If you want your dog to get a good education, you want a Board & Train experience that will enrich and educate your pet.

What else do you have to do? That’s up to you. You can …

  • Go on vacation
  • Take a business trip
  • Visit with friends or family
  • Take a seminar at your local community college
  • Make some soup, pull the covers up, and spend the week in bed reading a good book
  • It’s up to you

Whatever you do while your dog is learning better behavior, when you pick your dog up the following weekend, virtually a different dog will come home with you.

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