Keeping your Dog Safe During the Holidays

Holidays can be great, but sometimes they are stressful for people. And, of course, that stress can be passed on to our pets. We can also get distracted and neglect our pups a bit. It’s important to remember that dogs don’t understand what is going on and owners need to be sensitive to fears – especially if it’s their first Holiday with you.

No matter how busy you are, make sure you still make time to exercise your pup. Also, keep in mind training and manners when you have guests.  It’s a great time to practice friendly greetings for delivery people as well as friends and family.

Here are some more helpful tips for your pooch:

  • Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs. Keep them out of reach.
  • Don’t put lights on the lower branches of your tree. They may get very hot and burn your dog.
  • Pets often try to chew electrical cords and may get badly shocked. Keep them out of reach at all times.
  • Do not use edible ornaments, such as cranberry or popcorn strings. Your dog may knock over the furniture or decorations in an attempt to reach them.
  • Keep ornaments off the lower branches of your tree; if your dog eats an ornament, they can be sick.
  • Both live and artificial tree needles are sharp and indigestible. Keep your tree blocked off so it is not accessible to your dog.
  • Keep burning candles out of the way of your dog’s wagging tail.
  • Review canine holiday gifts for safety. Small plastic toys or bones may pose choking hazards.
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Potty Training a New Puppy

Potty training can is one of the biggest challenges for new puppy owners. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and attention in order to be successful. We have some quick tips that will help you your way to having a successfully potty trained pup!


Keeping up with consistent feeding times for your puppy makes keeping track of when your puppy might need to go potty easy. Young puppies should be feeding of 2-3 times per day, depending on vet recommendation. If your puppy has eaten its lunch and has had water, they will need to go in the next 30 to 60 minutes.


Be proactive and let your puppy out to potty before they have to chance to sneak off and do it on your favorite blanket. Before allowing them the freedom to play with toys or roam around the house for the first time, be sure that they have gone to the bathroom to prevent an accident from happening.

It is important to teach your puppy that the first thing they need to do outside is to go potty. If you are sure that your puppy needs to go, but all they want to do is play, put them back in their crate and then let them out again in a few minutes. Using this approach will also teach your puppy down the line to give a sign when they need to go outside.

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Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner is a great time to come together with friends and family.  It can also be a time when the little ones can’t resist slipping your dog a little bit of the feast. There are so many opportunities for your dog to eat something that can make them feel pretty bad or even cause more harm.

Here are some great tips to remember and share with your guests to help keep your dog and cat safe and happy during the upcoming holidays.  We’re wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!


1. Turkey Skin – On its own, turkey skin can be fatty and hard to digest, but on Thanksgiving, it’s particularly bad. If you must share the turkey with your dog, do peel the skin off and cut the meat up into bite-sized pieces.

2. Cooked Bones – Whether your bird is duck, goose or turkey, do not give the bones to your dog. Any dog cartoon features Fido carrying a bone around in his mouth, but the reality is that a cooked bone is often brittle and sharp pieces can get lodged in your dog’s intestine. Bird bones are hollow and break easily.

3. Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap – Dispose of these when you’re done with them. There are two risks here: one, your pet will be licking the fatty substances off the wrappings, and two, swallowing these can cause an intestinal obstruction.

4. Chocolate – Not that we think that you would intentionally feed your dog chocolate (which we all know can be toxic to our canine friends), but since candy is often left out on tables for guests during the holidays, it made the list. Be sure to keep bowls filled with chocolate and other candies out of vision and out of reach of your dog.


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The Top 5 Most Popular Breeds

Each year the American Kennel Club (AKC) surveys dog owners throughout the country to rank the most popular breeds each year. In honor of National Adopt a Dog Month, here are the top 3 most popular breeds in the United States, a few facts about each!

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is well-known as America’s favorite dog. They have been ranked number 1 in popularity since 2013! They are best known for being extremely friendly, very active, and of course outgoing. Labrador are energetic and need plenty of exercise. Their enthusiastic attitude makes them a great sports dog. They are also highly intelligent and quick to learn. 

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are holding steady in the number 2 position, and have done so since 2013 as well! See a pattern? They are confident, courageous, and smart dogs. As a part of the herding group, German Shepards are stellar athletes. They are very active dogs and require plenty of mental stimulation. They perform well in tracking, agility, and herding.

3. Golden Retriever

Not to be forgotten, Golden Retrievers are have been consistently ranked number 3 in popularity since 2013. Friendly, intelligent, devoted. No better words can be found to describe these silky dogs! Goldens are wonderful jogging or hiking partners and excel at sports such as agility, obedience, and tracking. Our puppy classes along with focused socialization will help make your Golden into a well-adjusted adult.

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Why Dogs Love The Fall

Isn’t fall everyone’s favorite season? Well, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, dogs love it because of these fall fun activities you can do with them!

Play in a leaf pile

Just like children, dogs love leaf piles as well. Playing in a leaf pile is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy quality time together.  

Chase leaves

The flying leaves through the breezy air provide the dogs with neverending exercise as they chase them to the ground and try to catch them in their mouths.  

More nature walks

Pet owners can enjoy the fall scenery during their walks, while their dogs enjoy the cooler weather of the trail, making it more enjoyable for the both of them.

Enjoy boarding facilities

With the holidays approaching, pet owners are busy running from family to family, which makes it an excellent time for them to leave their pets at a boarding facility. A boarding facility will provide them with the proper care and stability they need during these crazy holiday months. They will receive an enjoyable experience like no other.

We hope you have a fantastic fall season with your pup and embrace everything that this autumn and holiday season brings.

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How to Keep Dogs Safe on Halloween

It’s officially October, which means Halloween is almost here! As a dog owner, on Halloween night, you may be concerned about the safety of your canine. There are lots of people walking around, coming in and out of your front lawn, and having to open your front door numerous times.

Because of that, it gives dogs plenty of opportunities to run out resulting in you losing them or worse; they get injured. That is why we have put together a list of ways you can keep your dog safe this Halloween!

  • Do not put them in the front yard: In fear that your dog will get lost or that they may be frightened by all the visitors, it is probably wise to not let them stay in the front yard.
  • Avoid giving them have any candies: Halloween candies should be safely put up somewhere high so your dogs cannot reach them. We all know chocolate is bad for dogs but other candies are just as bad. Its better safe than sorry.
  • Keep your dog confined and away from the front door: Most dogs when they see the front door open; they go running. To avoid losing your dog, keep them confined and away from the front door.
  • Watch for hazardous Halloween decor: This one is crucial. Halloween decor comes in so many variations from pumpkins to spooky lights. Be careful by making sure all the cords and outlets are out of reach from your dogs. Put real pumpkins, corn, etc. up high so your dog will not eat them.
  • Train your dog: If you are worried about your dog listening to you this Halloween, then you should seek out training. Training your dog can prevent any ways that you may lose them. You can teach them not to run to the door or to listen to your commands when out trick-or-treating.

For more information on dog training visit

You will love what they have to offer you and your dog!

Happy Halloween!


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How to Choose a Safe Pet Halloween Costume

It’s finally October, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you and your adorable canine or cat are dressing up as. There are many Halloween costumes out there for dogs and cats, but not all are safely designed. So, if you are dressing up your pet this Halloween season, please consider these tips to keep your pets safer.

Test Run:
Before the big day of October 31st, it’s best to try out the costume on your dog or cat. Watch to see how he/she reacts to it. If they seem stressed or anxious while wearing it, then it’s probably best to pick a different costume. Really when it comes to pets, less is more.

Don’t Limit Mobility:
Mobility is something very important and essential to dogs and cats. You should not put them into something where they can not sit, lay, or walk. They need to have the ability to eat, drink and go to the bathroom.

Watch for Choking Hazards:
If your dog or cat has a tendency to chew on things, then you should probably choose a costume that does not have any potential choking hazards.

If you plan on taking your pet trick-or-treating with you, then you definitely need to make sure that it is visible, to prevent any accidents. Do not dress your black lab as Darth Vader, he/she will literally blend into the darkness of night.

Lastly, If you do not have plans to dress your pet up, and are currently going away from home this Halloween, then consider sending your pet to a boarding facility like Aldens Kennels. At Aldens Kennels, your dog or cat will be safe, well-taken care of, and exercised during their entire stay!

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