The puppy Santa left under the tree of your Buffalo Grove home – you get to choose naughty puppy or nice

Buffalo Grove naughty puppy

Are you having second thoughts about the puppy Santa left under the tree of your Buffalo Grove home? Don’t despair; you get to choose if you’ll have a naughty puppy or nice.

Did Santa leave a puppy under the tree in your Buffalo Grove living room Christmas morning? That little ball of fur is so cute you could just eat her up, couldn’t you?

At first, the puppy was a little frightened – a new home, new people, all the excitement. The puppy tried to hide under the tree among shreds of brightly colored paper that were hastily ripped from all those Christmas presents. After a while, though, the puppy is starting to feel at ease – more confident of her surroundings. She’s beginning to explore the house in anticipation of exploring your Buffalo Grove neighborhood as she grows from a puppy to a full-grown dog.

When you think about those words – ‘full-grown dog’ – it sinks in that she won’t be that cute and cuddly puppy forever. She’s going to grow up. This raises some concerns, not just then but now, too.

They say a healthy dog is a happy dog

You’ll want to take your new puppy to the vet. More than an introduction, you’ll want your vet to look your puppy over and make sure she’s healthy. Buffalo Grove wants your puppy to have her shots, too.

You may want to take your new puppy to Grove Animal Hospital and Holistic Center, in Buffalo Grove, for instance. There, they can give her a thorough examination, including a test that will identify any of 40,000 allergies or sensitivities.

Is your puppy naughty or nice?

This isn’t just a question; it’s a decision. You get to decide if you’ll have a nice puppy that is well behaved, that is house broken and obeys commands, or a naughty doggy that creates havoc in your Buffalo Grove home and your life. The key is training.

The best time to introduce your K-9 to training is as a puppy. It’s not that you can’t train an older dog but a puppy doesn’t have bad habits, developed over the years, to overcome. Your puppy is more receptive to training. And, the sooner you start training your puppy, the less havoc you’ll have to endure.

A well-trained puppy is an asset to your home. They’re an alarm system if someone tries to break in. They offer companionship and entertainment. You can even teach them to fetch the newspaper or your slippers, and without chewing the slippers up before they bring them to you. An untrained puppy, well, good luck.

Of course, to make the most of training your puppy, you may want the help of professionals. Enroll your puppy in school and she’ll be happier and you’ll be happier, too.

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