How much should I feed my Lincolnshire cat?

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How much should you feed your Lincolnshire cat? This cat may have too much to eat.

Rhonda lives in Lincolnshire with her cat Pepper. Lately, she’s noticed that Pepper is packing on a few extra pounds. At this rate, Pepper may wind up as a potential fat-cat Internet star. While many love to see pictures of fat cats on social networking, it’s really not healthy for the cats. It’s a better idea for Rhonda to do something about Pepper’s weight before it gets out of hand.

Rhonda shops at the local grocery store in Lincolnshire, for her groceries. And, while she’s there, she buys Pepper’s food, too. Rhonda buys canned cat food for Peppers and he seems to like it. He rubs against her leg while she dishes the food into Pepper’s cat bowl. When Rhonda leans over to set the bowl on the floor, Peppers jumps up to meet it. But, as we’ve pointed out, getting Peppers to eat is not the problem.

So, how much should peppers eat?

Rhonda based how much cat food to give Peppers based on two factors: 1. The directions on the can. 2. How much Peppers seemed to want to eat. Since he always cleans his bowl, Rhonda might assume that he needs more food. Or, at least, she might assume that she’s giving Peppers the right amount of cat food.

This isn’t the right way to judge how much to give her cat. There are several factors to consider, such as:

  • Her cat’s weight compared to her cat’s ideal weight (from the sound of things, it appears Peppers is already eating more than he needs).
  • Peppers age. Is Peppers a kitten, an adult cat or a cat in his senior years?
  • How active her cat is? Is her cat very active, mildly active or does Peppers live a more sedentary life? In Peppers’ case, the latter is true. This, along with his increasing bulk, suggests that Peppers is getting more food than he needs.

Considering the factors above, and where Peppers fits in consideration of these factors, he should be eating less than 350 kilocalories per day. That means he should eat no more than two 5.5-ounce cans of canned cat food. If Rhonda switches Peppers to dry cat food, he should eat no more than one cup of cat food.

These numbers vary based on the type and brand of cat food that Rhonda buys.

The thing to keep in mind when determining how much to feed your cat is that obesity in cats is approximately as much of an epidemic for cats as it is for people. And the results are the same: diabetes, heart disease, respiratory ailments, gastro-intestinal problems, lowered immune systems, arthritis and problems with joints.

As Rhonda considers Peppers’ weight problem, she may also want to consider taking Peppers to a vet for a checkup. And then, she may want to consider buying Peppers cat food at a store where they know more about cat food than someone who merely stocks the shelf at a grocery store.

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