Grayslake pet owner: reward your rescue dog with some dog training

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Nothing will grow that bond between you and the rescue dog you bring home to Grayslake more than dog training.

The day you went to the shelter in Grayslake – the day you adopted your rescue dog – was a big day for the family. Unfortunately, it was a thrilling day with just a twinge of sadness. You still find yourself wondering how anyone could treat an adorable puppy so badly. And, the folks at the shelter said that the puppy is in better shape than the day it was brought to the shelter by the police.

Your new puppy is still a bit jumpy. She’s not very trusting yet. But, at the same time, you can see there is a very sweet puppy inside there waiting to get out.

It’s normal that you would want to nurture and protect your new puppy. What she needs is new relationships with a family that will care for her and give her a new start on life. Thankfully, she’s in the right place. You, your husband, the children: you all fell in love with her the first time you saw her cowering in the corner of her pen, afraid to come forward and meet you. But, with a little coaxing, you were able to make that first connection. Now, the question is how to best keep that connection growing.

A great way to develop and reinforce a trusting and loving relationship with your rescue dog is to sign her up for pet training. Pet training isn’t just about teaching your dog to behave, though that will benefit you and your dog; Pet training is also about having fun with your dog and bonding with your dog.

There is nothing you can do with your dog that will better develop a bond between you and her than pet training. It’s an activity where you’re both involved together. Done properly, dogs love it. Done properly, pet owners love it, too.

Pet training will also give your dog confidence. Just as with children, it helps to establish boundaries that the dog can grow to count on. And, a well-trained dog is less likely to cause the kind of havoc in your Grayslake home that will tax your patience. Of course, if she does do something that would ‘tax your patience,’ be sure to handle it properly. Calm yourself. Keep in mind the trauma she’s already had.

With some pet training, if she does misbehave, you’ll know exactly how to respond and you’ll respond without causing her any undue stress. Pet training is a gift no rescue dog should do without.

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