How can you build an unbreakable bond with your Winnetka puppy?

Pet training and More

When you arrive home from a long day at work to your Winnetka home, does your dog rush to the door wagging its tail, thrilled to see you? Probably. But, there is a bond you can build with your puppy that will go beyond its natural affinity to shower you with adoration. If you want more than the usual ‘man’s-best-friend’ connection with your dog, you have the ability to transform that relationship and here is how.

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That bond with your dog won’t just grow automatically – you have to spend time with your dog. Praise your dog. Train your dog. You’ll find it’s well worth the effort.

Pay attention to your dog. If you ignore the dog most of the time, your dog will notice the lack of contact. A dog may respond in different ways to this kind of behavior. The dog may try harder and harder to please you and gain your attention. Or, it may take the hint and become less social. You’re liable to wind up with a dog that merely resides in your Winnetka home rather than a good friend you can count on.
Praise your dog. Your dog will, almost assuredly, want to please you. When your dog behaves well, let him or her know you’re pleased (not always with treats but with your voice and behavior. When your dog misbehaves, consider this a teaching moment, too, and correct his or her behavior wisely.
Spend time with your dog. You don’t have to spend hours and hours paying special attention to your dog. Half an hour here or there can make a dramatic difference in how your dog feels about you and how your dog feels about him or herself. Play with your dog. Take your dog for walks. Bring your dog with in the car, if you can. Little investments of your time will pay rich dividends before you know it.
Train your dog. Training builds confidence in a dog. Without training, the dog doesn’t know where its boundaries lie. This goes beyond the physical boundaries where you may want to train your dog not to leave your Winnetka yard; it also includes boundaries of behavior, such as teaching your dog not to jump up on people or not to do its business indoors.
Train your dog some more. Here’s an idea – make pet training a life-long experience for you and your dog. Not only will you and your dog amaze friends and neighbors with your dog’s incredible behavior and abilities, but you’ll build a bond with your dog that is beyond what many would imagine is possible.

There are many types of pet training the two of you can do, including:

  • Obedience Class – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Dog Agility Training
  • Pet Conformation Training
  • Competitive Pet Training – Flyball, Rally Training

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