Can cats get along in your Wauconda home? And what can you do to help?

Can cats get along Wauconda

Those are beautiful eyes but what do they say about another cat coming into your Wauconda home? Will your cats get along?

Some cat people in Wauconda are OK with one cat. Not you. In your mind, three or four cats in the house is what you call a good start.

All was fine until you brought Cinnamon, a female red tabby, into the house. In your mind, Cinnamon is a sweetheart. She craves attention, rubs against your leg while you’re cooking and you don’t mind that she’s hoping you’ll drop something she can eat. She curls up beside you on the sofa. She would curl up with you in bed but that’s where you first noticed the problem; the other cats in the house don’t seem to share your affection for Cinnamon.

In fact, the other cats in the house seem to detest Cinnamon. You’ve seen some nasty behavior when they’ve crossed paths with Cinnamon – like angry ships passing on a Wauconda living-room Persian rug. The worst is what you’ve heard – sounds of feline combat from other rooms. But, as you rush into the room, all you see are the tails of presumed combatants as they scatter in guilty flight.

It wouldn’t be so bad except that you’ve noticed battlefield scars on Cinnamon. With the general animosity displayed to her by all of the other cats in your Wauconda home, it’s not hard to deduce that Cinnamon is making a one-against-all stand in your home.

The last thing you want to do is cast Cinnamon into the arms of another cat lover. Your preference is that Cinnamon will get along with the other cats in your home, and vice versa.

Is the situation, and Cinnamon, beyond hope? Maybe not. There are some things you can try that might help, such as:

  • Step back and reintroduce the new cat more slowly. For the cats, Cinnamon’s sudden arrival may have come as a shock and a challenge. Separate Cinnamon from the other cats for a while. You might keep Cinnamon in that extra room (exercise room, office, craft room) for a while. Then, starting with the most amicable of the other cats, introduce them into the room with Cinnamon one by one and for short periods of time.
  • Try to make the introductions pleasant occasions. Spend some time in the room with them and play a game where they can both participate. Be careful about treats, however, as this is an area where they may be more inclined to feel territoriality.
  • You might give them treats on opposite sides of the same door.
  • Rub each cat with a cloth or sock and then allow the other cat to sniff the fabric – even to play with it.
  • Make sure there are plenty of distractions – toys, food, water, litter boxes. Plenty can help to diffuse jealousy.

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