Have you set ‘boundaries’ for your Lake Forest dog?

Lake Forest boundaries for dogs

“Hmmm, so Lake Forest has boundaries, but what’s this business about boundaries for dogs?”

Dog training establishes rules you and your dog will appreciate

They love their dog and they respect his or her boundaries. These aren’t the boundaries at the edge of their property, or even at the Lake Forest city limits; these are boundaries of behavior. Where some may tell their dog to stay off the couch, not to chew on shoes and slippers, not to jump on visitors, and not to bark through the night, etc.; some dog owners are more concerned with their dog’s rights. These dog owners may shy away from establishing rules for their dog.

They may think that they’re doing their dog a favor by not insisting it follow basic rules of K9 etiquette. Some might even think that it’s abusive to ‘force’ their dog to behave a certain way. Not so quick.

The truth is that your dog wants boundaries. Boundaries can give a dog a sense of security. The same principle holds true for children; when they know what is allowed, and what isn’t, their world has definition. The question is how you go about establishing appropriate boundaries for your dog.

If you go about establishing boundaries the wrong way, you may cower your dog into following your rules but you won’t have a true ‘man’s-best-friend’ relationship with your dog. There is a difference between a dog that behaves because it’s afraid not to and a dog that behaves because it wants to – because it wants to please you – because it’s fun when you spend time with your dog.

You want your dog to respect the boundaries you set and you want your dog to respect you, not to fear you. So, it’s important that the dog knows who is the boss – and that should never be the dog. But, it’s also important that the dog enjoys the experience of learning its boundaries.

To achieve this kind of pet-training experience with your dog, it’s a good idea to rely on someone who has the kind of expertise that can help you train your Lake Forest dog the right way. Done the right way, dog training is fun for you and your dog. It’s something you will both come to look forward to.

Done correctly, training your dog will create a strong and lasting bond between the two of you. In the process, you’ll expand the boundaries of affection and respect with your dog far beyond the Lake Forest city limits.

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