Plan summer vacation right – place your pet in a qualified, quality kennel

Plan vacation good kennel for dog

You should be thinking about that beautiful sunset when you’re on vacation, not worrying about how your puppy is doing. A quality kennel will give you peace of mind on vacation.


Alright, summer isn’t here yet. You’re probably not leaving on vacation next week, or the week after. But, it’s not too late to start thinking ahead. Think ahead to what?

  • Where will you go?
  • How long will you be gone?
  • What will you do on your vacation?
  • How will you get there (presumably, you’re not going to pile the family into the car for a cross-country trip – otherwise known as travel torture)?
  • What will you do with your pets while you’re gone?

So, what will you do with your pets while you’re on vacation?

For the purposes of our discussion here, we’ll leave the first four of these questions to you and other sources. Instead, we’ll focus on the later – ‘What will you do with your pets while you’re gone.’

Many will seek to save a few dollars by burdening their friends to pet sit while the family is away. This can save a little money but, even if your friends protest otherwise, it involves introducing a four-legged guest into their home for an extended period. Suddenly, they have to adjust their plans around the presence of your pet(s).

Whether you have a dog or a cat, taking care of a pet is a demanding process. If they don’t do a good job of it, your pet could get sick, it could get loose and be lost or run over by a car. If this happens, you’ll feel terrible, but so will your friends.

Imagine trying to explain to your friends how their dog or cat, a beloved member of their family, is lost, hurt or dead because you were unable to properly provide care. It’s a heart-wrenching thought.

And, while caring for your dog or cat is an inconvenience for them, it’s also potentially traumatic for your pet. They have to adjust to their host’s home and family, too.

A qualified, quality kennel may be the answer

Yes, your pet will have to adjust to new surroundings at a kennel, too. However, if it is a qualified, quality kennel, they’re in the business of helping dogs and cats adjust while they are guests. They have experience helping dogs and cats adjust.

A quality kennel is a kennel that offers amenities and care that ensures your dog or cat is safe, comfortable and enjoying its stay. A qualified kennel is a kennel that can demonstrate it is a quality establishment that takes the welfare of the pets it cares for to heart.

The answer, therefore, is to do a little research; find out what people are saying about the kennels you’re considering. Caution: don’t just look at the cost. You wouldn’t leave your children with just anyone; you don’t want to leave your family dog or cat with just any kennel.

Oh, and in reference to amenities, the best kennels can offer any, or all, of the following:

  • Nature walks
  • Roomy and comfortable pens
  • Air conditioning/Heating
  • Safe pet toys
  • Training – yes, some of the best kennels can even train your dog while you’re away (cat’s are a different story, of course).

About aldenskennels

Hi, I am the President of Alden's Kennels Inc. in Ringwood, McHenry County IL. I have been in the pet industry for over 25years. I am your pets vacation planner, why leave your pets at home when they can have the vacation they deserve, in McHenry County IL. We board and train and have field trips to the best pet places.
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