Make sure you rescue the right rescue dog for your Barrington family

Tips for choosing wisely when you rescue a rescue dog


When you choose a rescue dog for your Barrington home, there are some points to consider.

Rescuing a rescue dog is a decision you that you’ll appreciate for years to come. Often, you’re rescuing a dog that was treated badly before it was initially rescued by the pet adoption center. In some cases, the dog was treated with criminal cruelty. You are putting yourself in a position to offer this poor puppy a new lease on life in your Barrington home. But, you should still take the time to choose wisely before bringing a rescue dog home with you.

After all that he, or she, has gone through, it’s imperative that things work out well at their new home – your Barrington home. It will take some effort on your part to ensure that your new dog has a healthy and happy living experience in its new home. That effort starts before you choose which dog to bring home.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a rescue dog to join your family:

  • Go to a reputable pet adoption center. At a reputable pet adoption center, they’ll give all the pets they rescue a thorough physical exanimation. You’ll need to know if your new rescue dog has any physical handicaps or ailments to consider and what you’ll need to do to provide any necessary treatments or for any special conditions. You’ll also have a chance, before you bring the dog home, to determine if you’ll be able to meet its needs.
  • Consider the breed of the dog you’re adopting. Can you provide a good home for a large dog? How much room do you have to offer the dog? Read up on the general characteristics of different breeds. Of course, this can get a bit mixed up when you’re dealing with mixed breeds but, even then, it can give you a starting point to consider the breeds you’re willing to consider.
  • Look at the dog’s body language. Is he alert? Is she happy to meet you? In fact, is the dog excited and does the dog come to the front of the kennel to greet you? You may consider a rescue dog that sulks in the back of the pen, shivering and fearful. But, that creates the potential for an additional challenge when you go to earn the dog’s trust and create a bond.
  • Have the dog meet the entire family. Everyone who will live with the dog should meet the dog before you bring a rescue dog home. It’s not just so they can all have some input on which dog to rescue; it’s also so you can see how the dog interacts with the entire family.
  • Find a veterinarian office you can trust before you adopt. You don’t want to rush around looking for a place to take your new dog if it gets hurt or sick; you’ll want to know where you’ll bring the dog, and who you will call, before the dog comes home.

Along with choosing the right rescue dog to rescue, there are some other considerations you’ll want to keep in mind, such as …

  • Make sure your rescue dog has, or will soon receive, all required shots and register it with the appropriate government agency. In Barrington, that probably means registering the dog with the McHenry County Department of Health.
  • Consider what you will do to train your rescue dog. This isn’t just about making sure the dog will behave in your home, which is important. It’s also about helping to give the dog boundaries that will instill confidence in its new environment. It’s also about bonding with the dog. There is no better way to bond with your rescue dog than by spending time training your dog.

Barrington is a great place to live, as your rescue dog is sure to agree, if you take the time and due diligence to choose the right rescue dog to rescue.

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