Razor blades run amuck – what to do with a teething puppy

puppy teething_puppy with sharp teeth

When a puppy is teething, it’s often hard on you and the house.

Those little razor blades are shredding your property and occasionally puncturing your skin. It’s as though a diabolical arch villain has used a vile subterfuge to turn the cutest, most cuddly critters on four legs into non-stop chopping machines.

Yes, those puppies have teeth. And those sharp little buggers are chewing shoes, important papers, furnishings and, occasionally, your body parts in a little buzz saw fastened just below the nose of your puppy. With a puppy around, it’s just possible that the dog ate your homework.

It’s called ‘teething’ and it’s a fact of life for puppies and for their owners. When the puppies are teething, batten down the hatches, clear the decks and pray the destruction is short lived – that your puppy’s teething passes quickly.

In the meantime, when the puppy is teething, is there anything you can do to help? Whether you’re more concerned about helping your puppy with the teething, or saving your property is a personal matter. But, there are things you can do. For instance:

  • When the puppy’s teething attack attacks your skin, demonstrate to the puppy that this isn’t an acceptable place to apply its razor blades. Startle the puppy with a firm ‘NO!’ to dissuade the tendency to bite people. When the puppy reacts appropriately, reward that good behavior with a treat or, maybe even, the next idea for dealing with teething puppies …
  • Give that puppy something to teeth on – something that’s less valuable than your prescription glasses or even a pair of slippers. In other words, give the puppy designed for young teething dogs. In other words, give them a squeaky toy or some other object designed to bear the brunt of the puppy’s teething dilemma. Generally, these are rubber or nylon toys that can hold up under the repeated application of canine razor blades.
  • Fill a chewy toy with water and freeze it. Even humans teeth when they’re young. Many a parent has discovered that, allowing their infant to chew on frozen peas, or such, can do wonders for alleviating the pain of teething for the child. Applying the same principle for a teething puppy is a grand idea.
  • Reinforce positive behavior. It helps to keep in mind that it wasn’t the puppy’s idea to teeth. It happened as much to the puppy as it’s happening to you and your home. A little patience will go a long way for you and your puppy.

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