Is my St. Charles puppy too young for training?

puppy too young to train

At what age can you start training your St. Charles puppy? As with these puppies, they’re almost never too young.

Your puppy just wants to run around your St. Charles home having fun. She’s a puppy. Having fun is her job, right? Let her have some fun before you take her to school – the puppy training academy. There’s plenty of time for that, right?

One aspect of the concept suggested in the previous paragraph is that you should allow the puppy to have some fun being a puppy before you begin molding her little mind, and behavior, to fit what is acceptable round your home. This misses one of the key aspects about training a puppy, if it’s done right; puppy training should be fun.

If you do it right, your puppy will enjoy the dog training experience. And, if you take your St. Charles puppy to a dog training facility, if they do it right, your puppy will still find the experience something they’ll look forward to. In other words, if your dog isn’t enjoying dog training, you’re not doing it right.

So, at what age can a puppy begin dog training? Current research suggests that puppies have the capacity to learn from dog training as early as three-weeks old.

Think about it this way: if one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years in a human’s life, then a three-week-old puppy is the equivalent of a 21-month-old child. Clearly, you’ll want to start providing some behavioral skills to your nearly two-year-old child.

In truth, few dog owners begin puppy training at this young age. For one thing, puppies are usually older than that by several weeks when they’re adopted. Puppies generally need to maintain their connection with their mothers until the puppy is about eight weeks. Taking the puppy away from its mother sooner can cause lasting issues for the puppy.

Another consideration that may moderate the age when you introduce your puppy to dog training is that, in a group setting, a puppy as young as three-weeks old is probably not vaccinated properly for socialization with other puppies and dogs. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t begin training your puppy at home. Do this and, by the time they’re ready for a puppy training class, they’ll have a head start.

The point is that, dogs can learn new tricks at any age. But, the sooner you start training your St. Charles puppy, the more likely you’ll have a well-trained, well-behaved dog. And, living with a well-trained dog is a dramatically different experience than living with an untrained canine.

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