Can you potty train your fully-grown Village of Lakewood dog?

potty train Lakewood dog

One of them made that puddle but they both look guilty. Can you potty train your Lakewood dog?

There are quite a few fully-grown dogs living in the Village of Lakewood. Only some of them use their homes as toilets. For pet owners in the village who have mature dogs that aren’t housebroken, it’s rather frustrating.

No one likes to walk into the living room and discover that they dog has left them a ‘special prize’ on the rug. The discovery often leads to another round of firm ‘Bad-Dog’ admonishments to do their business outside. In response, the dog looks guilty but it’s not clear the dog understands what he or she did wrong. The same thing happens the next time the dog leaves a prize and a cycle is created. It’s frustrating when a dog isn’t potty trained.

The question is whether you can train an adult dog – particularly whether you can housebreak a mature dog. The answer is probably. It will, however, require patience and determination on your part.

The first problem is that, by this time, the mature dog has probably developed a pattern; going in the house is a habit and habits are hard to break.

The key is to help the dog develop new habits. These new habits should include going out to do their business first thing every morning and last thing every night. Spend a little while outside with the dog. If your dog does its business, lavish them with praise. Make the experience fun and give them the idea that they’ve pleased you.

If they don’t go right away, give them a little while and then go back inside. Now, keep a close eye on them. If they look as though they’re sniffing around for a place to do their business, take them back outside. Even if they don’t look like they’re interested in doing their business, take them back outside again about 20 or 30 minutes after you came in.

If your Village of Lakewood dog is evacuating in the morning and at night, they probably won’t have the inclination to do so during the day. Still, keep an eye on them and take them out if they appear antsy.

You can also put your dog in its crate during times when it may choose to do its business indoors and you won’t be around. As a general rule, dogs don’t like to do their business in their bedding.

Stay at it and you’ll probably cure your mature dog of the tendency to do its business inside your Village of Lakewood home. Potty training can work with almost any dog.

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