How much should you feed your Hawthorn Woods cat?

cat proper diet Hawthorn Woods

Are you feeding your Hawthorn Woods cat the right amount food?

Sunset Foods, Marino’s Fresh Market, Garden Fresh Market: it doesn’t matter which grocery store you go to near your Hawthorn Woods home, you know right where to find the pet food aisle. You’ve been there before, and with more frequency than seems to make sense. After all, you only have one cat. How much food can one cat eat?

No matter how many times you turn off Route 22 when returning to your Hawthorn Woods home, it always seems you’re greeted at the door by a hungry cat. You leave food for her but it’s always gone when you return. If you keep this up, you’re liable to have one of the proverbial Fat Cats on your hands.

Fat cats are kind of cute, in a way, but it’s not really healthy. And fit cats are often just as cute as fat cats. You’ll do your cat some good if you help your cat maintain a healthy weight. But, how much should you feed your cat if she’s always hungry? Should her appetite serve as the barometer for the frequency that you feed her or how much food you serve? The answer is most assuredly “NO!”

  1. Serve a healthy diet
    It’s possible to find healthy food in the grocery store but don’t assume all the food on the shelf is healthy. You may also want to speak with your cat’s vet to determine the best diet for your cat – whether you should serve dry food or canned. Even if it’s dry, you may want to add some water. And then, stick with the diet unless you see reasons to change.
  2. Provide measured portions
    Your cat’s vet can probably tell you how much to feed your cat. Once you have that target amount, don’t use the squinty-eye measuring system. Use an official measuring device. This will help so that, should you need to adjust how much food your cat receives, you’ll know the starting point.
  3. Monitor and adjust how much your cat eats
    Your vet can provide a BCS – Body Condition Score – that will tell you the optimal weight for your cat. With that target in mind, keep an eye on your cat’s weight. You can even weigh yourself without holding the cat and then while holding the cat. This can give you a fairly precise measurement of your cat’s weight. If your cat is gaining weight, reduce the amount of food you’re feeding your cat. If your cat is losing weight, give her a little more.
  4. Consider how much exercise your cat gets
    A cat that is active will burn more calories than a cat that prefers to lie around all day. If your cat is active, you may want to give your cat a little more food. Otherwise, you may give your cat a little less food. Once again, check with your cat’s vet.
  5. Consider changes as your cat ages
    How much food your cat needs will change as they age. Their metabolism is changing and, probably, so is the amount of exercise they get. Your cat’s age is a factor to consider when speaking with your cat’s vet. It’s also a point to consider, as you cat ages, with regards to adjusting how much food your cat eats.

A cat that is overweight is less likely to be an active cat. Instead, you’ll have yourself a cat that lies around your Hawthorn Woods home all day. A proper diet, with proper portions, is a gift of health you can give your cat that can help her to live a long and happy life.

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