Why does your Zion dog bark and what can you do about it?

Zion dog barking

Barking? Who me? What would our neighbors here in Zion say if I was barking all the time? OK. Define ‘all the time.’


You’ve tucked the kids into their beds upstairs in your Zion home and you’re just about to slide into bed yourself. It’s at this inconvenient moment that your dog starts to bark. You pause, your legs already started under the covers. “Maybe he’ll stop” you tell yourself, more as a wish than a conviction. And, he does stop, for a moment. But, as soon as your head hits the pillow …

Why is your dog barking? Here are some likely reasons:

  • You’ve gone off to bed, leaving your dog alone, and now your dog is lonely.
  • Your dog has decided that it needs to go out to do its business.
  • Your dog has decided that this is the time to go out and play.
  • Your dog is hungry or wants some water.
  • Your dog heard something and is trying to warn you.
  • Your dog just feels the urge to bark.

The question is, ‘what can you do about it when your dog barks.’ If it’s annoying you, hopefully, it’s not bothering your Zion neighbors. If it is bothering those who live around you, it’s a more immediate problem than if it’s merely annoying you.

For some dog owners, when the dog barks in the middle of the night, they grudgingly get up and let the dog out. Then they go back to bed. At least, if the dog continues to bark, it’s not as loud as when the dog is in the other room barking. But, this makes it more likely your neighbors will notice, and not appreciate it.

How do you to stop your Zion dog from barking?

If your dog barks because it wants food or water, you can make sure it has someone before you go to bed, or you can feed it a few hours before bedtime. Leave a little water in its bowl.

You can also train your dog not to bark. This takes consistency and patience. Don’t lose your temper and yell at your dog. And don’t wait until 2 a.m. to train your dog based on his schedule. Teach your dog to recognize and understand what you want when you say, “Quiet.” When he’s barking, hold out a treat. But, don’t give it to him until he stops barking.

Give your dog some chew toys to keep her occupied. Some people will put a clock that ticks loudly in the dog’s area to provide a comforting noise that soothes its nerves.

Essentially, what you want to do is to figure out what is causing your dog to bark and remove or change it somehow. Of course, if your dog is barking because she thinks she hears someone breaking into your Zion home, maybe that’s a canine alarm system you could appreciate.

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