Is your Palatine dog a social misfit?


antisocial dog

You can’t stay mad at a dog that adorable for long but, even if he does act like a social misfit in your Palatine home. But, wouldn’t you like it more if he wasn’t such an unsociable puppy?

Have you ever seen that movie ‘Bad Grandpa?’ The movie is about an elderly man who has no social compass. If there’s a right choice and a wrong choice, you can count on him to choose the latter. There are some people who live with dogs that almost make the ‘Bad Grandpa’ seem like a coach for good etiquette.



There are dogs that do everything wrong. What do they do wrong? The list can easily include the following and more:


  • They bark incessantly
  • They chew on shoes, slippers, socks, tables, chair legs, prescription glasses, books and any number of valuables
  • They growl at other dogs
  • They growl at people, whether they know them or not
  • They fight with other dogs
  • They bite people
  • They jump on people who come into your house
  • They dig holes in your yard
  • They dig holes in your best sofa
  • They chase cars
  • They chase people on bicycles
  • They beg for food
  • They do their business in all the wrong places, from the living room to the kitchen
  • They chase cats
  • They jump up and eat food on counters and tables
  • They nip at people and other dogs
  • They pull on the leash when you take them for walks
  • They drink from the toilets
  • They lick people, often after drinking from toilets (YUK!!!)
  • They have severe separation anxiety, which can manifest itself in many of the behaviors listed above


What are you to do with a dog exhibiting many, if not all, of these bad social tendencies?


Did you know that there is actually something called a Canine Good Citizen award? This isn’t just a great idea for teaching a dog good manners; it’s actually recognized and sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. If you have a Bad Puppy you can do something about it. Teach that dog some manners and you’ll find them a lot easier to live with.


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