How to avoid having your Naperville dog get lost


Lost Naperville dog poster

You don’t want your dog to run away from your Napperville home and there are things you can do to reduce the risk that it will happen.

We’ve all seen the signs. They’re heart-wrenching: photo of a cute little puppy under the words “LOST” and a phone number at the bottom. You can’t help but feel for the family and worry about the lost dog. You imagine a little boy or girl sitting at home, possibly on the floor by their puppy’s empty dog bed, crying. You shudder to think how your own children would take it if your puppy escaped from your Napperville home. How would you take it if your dog got loose and lost?

This is every dog owner’s nightmare. Well, not every dog owner’s. There are some dog owners who have trained their dogs to the extent that there’s no real chance that their dog will get lost. They can let the dog out of the house and it will never leave the yard. If a herd of bunnies ran by, they may run to the lot line but they won’t go any further.

There are several ways to ensure that your dog will never get loose – will never get lost. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Keep your dog on a leash when you take them for a walk in your Naperville neighborhood. Of course, this assumes that they’ll never get out the door when you’re not looking. You may have to consider how they’ll act when someone comes to the door. If they’ll charge out the door barking, who knows when they’ll stop charging and how far they’ll go. Will they be able to get back?
  2. Have them neutered. Dogs have those urges and, if your male dog is loose, and there’s a female in heat in the neighborhood, your dog could take off to find her. Once again, will your dog be able to find its way back?
    Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. A dog with a lot of pent-up energy is more apt to run.
  3. Create a happy environment in your Naperville home so your dog really doesn’t want to leave. This includes making sure your dog isn’t afraid of you. Imagine if your dog gets loose. You’re trying to call him or her to you but they’re afraid. Instead of coming when you call them, they scamper away.
  4. Desensitize your dog to loud noises or take special measures when there is a thunderstorm or fireworks. This may mean locking them in a room, where they can’t get out, when those noises are likely, such as on the 4th of July.
  5. Train your dog so it’s like the dog mentioned earlier – the dog that will never run away.

One thing you can do, in case your dog does somehow get lost, is to have your dog microchipped. These are fairly inexpensive and, unlike a GPS, they operate with a unique radio frequency that serves as a permanent ID for your dog.

If your dog does get lost somewhere in Naperville, or beyond, make calls, check with the police and the local animal control. And, of course, put up posters with a photo of your dog under the word “LOST” and above your phone number.

You can find more information about dog trackers by visiting sites found in this google search:

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