What peculiar habits does your dog or cat have?


46416685 - little cute brown spotted dachshund puppy with big eyes

Does your dog or cat have any, well, shall we say, peculiar habits? 

Some people have some, well – how else can we say this – peculiar habits. Some people are always cracking their knuckles. Some folks sniff their fingers after eating. There are people who constantly think their cell phones are vibrating and check no matter how many times they find it hasn’t. Of course, people are the only creatures who have odd tendencies. Cats and dogs can have peculiar habits, too.


One cat owner spoke of how their cat would find a mouse in the garage. The cat would wait quietly until the mouse was scurrying across the garage floor and then the cat would pounce. While many cats would quickly turn the mouse into a meal, or a gift for their owner, this cat simply held the mouse to the floor with one front paw. When the mouse gave up struggling, the cat would lift its paw. Surprised by its apparent good fortune, the mouse would sit and look around for a minute. Then, finally convinced they had escaped cruel fate, the mouse would make a dash for it only to have the cat pounce on the mouse again.

This cat’s owner used to tell the cat, “Hey, don’t play with your food.”

A search of the internet produced on dog owner who says that their dog barks at barbecue sauce, whether it’s in the bottle or not, and that barbecue sauce is the only condiment that elicits this reaction from their dog.

A cat owner said that their cat likes to sit in flower pots and stare at the wall.

A dog owner tells how their dog doesn’t chase a ball. Their dog chases the ball’s shadow.

For dog and cat owners, these odd-little pet behaviors are often entertaining, even if they’re unexplained. Some pet owners never grow tired of watching their dog ride a skateboard, or watching their cat run madly from one end of the house to the other for no apparent reason.

Of course, cats and dogs sometimes do things that people don’t appreciate so much, such as finding unseemly places to go potty or chewing on particularly expensive items in the home. In the case of the cat, some litter training is in order. In the case of the dog, if they’re not housebroken, that may indicate the need for additional training in general.

Assuming your dog or cat doesn’t have one of those unsavory habits, the question is what entertaining habits they have. We would love to hear about them if your dog or cat will allow you to tell us about it.

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