Board & Train – crash course in dog training may do the trick


board and train crash course

Board & Train offers a crash course for canines.

Life is busy. Some folks just don’t have time to attend a series of dog training lessons. Still, they want their dogs to learn to behave better. A bit of a dilemma, isn’t it? Actually, there is a solution that may meet the needs of these busy people – Board & Train.


Instead of coming to a dog training lesson every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night, or a Saturday afternoon, they bring their dog by a kennel that offers Board & Train. They drop the dog off one weekend and pick the dog up the following weekend. In between, the dog receives a crash course that can transform a dog from an irascible nuisance to a contributing member of the family.

Each day, the dog gets up, takes care of its business, has something to eat and receives a lesson in doggy etiquette. While he or she is having a lesson, their room is cleaned with fresh mints on the pillows. Well, maybe not mints. The point is that they come back to a clean and relaxing room when their lessons are over. This assumes, however, that you’ve chosen the kennel wisely for your dog’s Board & Train experience.

You wouldn’t choose a university out of a hat. And you wouldn’t stay at any old hotel, would you? It’s the same with Board & Train.

You want to bring your dog to a kennel that offers 5-Star accommodations. This ensures that they’ll have a safe, comfortable, clean and healthy stay. You shouldn’t settle for anything less. This means that you’ll want to do some research to check out the intended kennel before you register your dog at the front desk.

You also want to check out the kennel’s dog training credentials and reputation. Do they know what they’re doing? If you want your dog to get a good education, you want a Board & Train experience that will enrich and educate your pet.

What else do you have to do? That’s up to you. You can …

  • Go on vacation
  • Take a business trip
  • Visit with friends or family
  • Take a seminar at your local community college
  • Make some soup, pull the covers up, and spend the week in bed reading a good book
  • It’s up to you

Whatever you do while your dog is learning better behavior, when you pick your dog up the following weekend, virtually a different dog will come home with you.

About aldenskennels

Hi, I am the President of Alden's Kennels Inc. in Ringwood, McHenry County IL. I have been in the pet industry for over 25years. I am your pets vacation planner, why leave your pets at home when they can have the vacation they deserve, in McHenry County IL. We board and train and have field trips to the best pet places.
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