Here’s a comparison: living with an untrained dog or a well-trained dog


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The difference between living with an untrained dog or a well-trained dog is night and day. It’s worth any and all effort you put into it. Of course, with the help of professionals, the amount of effort required is reduced.

Wouldn’t it be neat if your dog was well trained? You could show your dog off to friends and family and watch them ‘Oooohhh’ and ‘Aaaahhh’ as your dog performed tricks, right?


The idea of your dog performing tricks is nice. It’s a great conversation piece. But, it’s not the kind of conversation that will go on and on. And, it’s debatable whether it’s worth the effort to train your dog to do parlor tricks. That’s not the real benefit of training your dog.

What you get with a well-trained dog is a different life experience compared to living with an untrained dog. Here are some of the ways your life will be different if you train up that untrained dog:

When you take walks, they won’t pull constantly on the leash. Depending on where you live, and the local statutes, you may have the opportunity to walk your dog without a leash. Of course, this assumes that your dog is really well trained – that your dog won’t take off running, and not come back if a rabbit is spooked from some bushes while you walk. In either case, just having a dog that isn’t constantly trying to drag you down the sidewalk, or out into traffic, is incredible, if that’s what you’re used to.

With an untrained dog, you need to keep a good eye on your valuables. Who knows what they’ll chew up next? But, a well-trained dog is more likely to guard your valuables than destroy them. That brings up another point.

A well-trained dog will bark if someone is sneaking around your house and, depending on how they’re trained, may attack an intruder who tries to do you harm. An untrained dog will bark whenever they feel the urge. How will you know the difference if they’re just randomly barking or if someone is trying to get in to hurt you, your family or steal your valuables?

An untrained dog will beg for food incessantly. They’ll steal food off the table if they have the chance. A well-trained dog won’t beg but will appreciate any treats you give them. And, you can leave them alone with food on the coffee table in the living room and they won’t even sniff.

An untrained dog may bite one of the neighbor children. A well-trained dog won’t bite neighbor kids. They won’t give you cause to meet employees of the Department of Animal Control or to spend money paying for other peoples’ damages.

An untrained dog is liable to leave ‘little presents’ all over your house. “Presents?” Some also call these ‘landmines.’ They’re the result of dogs that don’t know where to go potty and, most importantly, where not to go to the bathroom.

An untrained dog requires a lot of attention. You always have to make sure they’re not doing something wrong, getting into something or running away. A well-trained dog requires a minimum of effort to live with you. They’re a pleasure to live with. You’re free to love them without working through your feelings of aggravation when they behave badly.

What are the advantages of an untrained dog? Hmmm. I’m thinking …

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