Would you clone your dog … now that you can?

It would cost a lot of money but imagine if you could clone your dog. When your dog passed, you would have your loved pet brought back, cloned as a new dog, the same dog. If you could, would you?

Actually, it’s not a question of whether you could – you can. This service is available today. The accurate part is the cost; yes, it’s very expensive. Prices are said to range from $50,000 to $100,000. But, what wouldn’t you pay to have your best, four-legged friend back?

dog clone

Two dogs are better than one … or you can clone your dog after she’s gone and bring her back again. Would you clone your dog now that you can?


The question is whether you would, now that you can.

If you clone your dog, is it the same dog? You couldn’t assume that it would know how to behave the way it used to behave; you’d have to train it again, as a puppy. Then again, if you brought your dog home as a rescue or an adult dog, maybe this would offer a chance to train your dog from a puppy – a second chance with ‘the same dog?’

The loss of a dog is one of the most difficult experiences many will have in their lifetimes, second only to the losses of loved ones among their friends and family. But, would you bring your pet back, virtually, from the dead? Would you bring loved ones back from the dead?

In the book ‘Harry Potter: the Deathly Hallows,’ as seen in the movie by the same name ‘Part 1,’ we hear the tale of a wizard who receives a stone from Death that will bring loved ones back from the grave. But, as the story continues, it turns out that the revived turns desperately sad because they don’t really belong in this world. Of course, cloning is not the same as a magical stone, though it does seem almost magical to consider.

Then again, you might look at the idea of cloning a pet that has died as a setup for a sequel to ‘Cujo;’ who knows how it will act or what effect cloning will have on its temperament.

Another question to ask is whether a clone would be more your lost dog than, say, one of its puppies. Or, maybe, with your cloned pet your denying an opportunity for another rescue dog somewhere. Maybe it was time for your dog to move on to the next world and for you to share the love you had for that dog with another and, not necessarily, with a clone of that former pet.

Our pets live in our hearts years after they’re gone. Will a clone enrich this memory or cheapen it? It’s hard to say. What do you think?

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