Have you thought of a Christmas present for your dog?


Christmas present for your dog

Will there be any presents under the tree Christmas morning for your best friend – your dog?

You probably have a pretty good idea what you would like to find under the tree Christmas morning. But, what would your dog like to find under there?


You are planning to buy a present for your dog, aren’t you? ‘Man’s best friend’ and all that, certainly your dog deserves a Christmas present. All year long, he or she has provided you with comfort and companionship, as well as unflinching loyalty. Think of the hole in your life if your dog wasn’t there. Think of the appreciation they’ll show when they discover that one of those fancy-wrapped presents under the tree is for them.

So, we can agree that you should buy something for your dog this holiday, but what? Keep in mind that dogs aren’t concerned with the cost of a gift. You don’t even have to worry about pulling off the price tag; your dog will be so excited he or she won’t even bother looking to see what the gift cost. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your dog’s present some thought.

The possible gifts you can give your dog can include the following, but this list could go on and on:

  • Chewies and rawhides
  • Dog cookie treats
  • Squeaky toys
  • A new leash and collar, and the promise the you and your dog will use it more often
  • A sweater to keep them warm through the winter months
  • Doggie booties
  • A dog massage
  • Some socks tied into knots
  • A new brush
  • An old shoe you would otherwise throw out
  • A new pen
  • A certificate for a week at a spa-like kennel (while you’re away somewhere)
  • An appointment with the dog groomer
  • A new dog dish
  • A new doggie bed
  • A ball they can fetch when you throw it again and again and again
  • A treat ball that you fill with their favorite snack
  • A coupon for an hour or two of petting and belly scratching
  • An appointment with an animal communicator
  • A new doghouse
  • A new frisbie

As mentioned above, this list can grow and grow. And spending more really won’t buy your dog more happiness. With dogs, it truly is the thought that counts. However, you should be very concerned about safety.

Don’t buy a Christmas present for your dog that will get lodged in their throat. Make sure that whatever you get them doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Use common sense and get something they’ll love without any hazards. Wrapping is optional – your dog probably won’t care.


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