What would your Lincolnshire dog say about living with you?

Dog training will change the conversation

53061387 - golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment

You’re not enjoying moments such as these and neither is your Lincolnshire dog.

What’s it like living with your dog in Lincolnshire? Are they naughty or nice? Do they bark too much? Do they chew on things they shouldn’t? If someone asks what your dog is like, you’ll probably be able to give a detailed description of the experience of living with your dog. But, what are you like to live with, from your dog’s perspective?

There are dog communicators here and there who will come out and talk with your dog. But, the level of communication just isn’t that detailed. Rather, assuming the dog communicator is legit, they’ll give you some generalizations about what your dog wants – what she likes or doesn’t like.

Maybe there’s a better way. Have you tried to put yourself in your dog’s paws? What is your dog’s day like? Are they happy? Do they get enough exercise? Are they engaged sufficiently during the day?

26398277 - owner training puppy dog with treat

This well-trained puppy is a happier puppy and so is this young Lincolnshire pet owner.

You may notice that your dog does things you don’t particularly like. For instance, your dog may chew on things he shouldn’t in your Lincolnshire home. Have you asked why he does this? Is he trying to get your attention? Does she feel neglected?

Does your dog get enough exercise? Keep in mind that you may not be able to tell by observing your dog. In other words, if your dog lays around all day he may do so because doing so makes him feel lethargic. If she gets more exercise you may discover that the lethargy goes away.

Does your dog like the food you give her? If she seems finicky, it may be because the food doesn’t tickle her taste buds. Before you switch diets, talk to a vet to make sure you’re providing your dog with food that is nutritious and healthy for him.

If behavior is a problem – your dog tends to act up – what have you done to address the causes of your dog’s bad behavior. If your dog barks constantly, chews on your shoes, does his business in the house, have you gone beyond yelling at him? Beyond yelling means training.

Bringing your dog for dog training can dramatically change what your dog has to say about living with you. With firmly understood boundaries, your dog is less likely to raise your ire. You won’t have to work so hard to communicate your wishes to your dog – she’ll know the commands and will look forward to opportunities to obey them.

When dog training is done right it’s like a game for your dog. In this way, they get exercise, engagement and loving all at the same time. With dog training, your dog will have wonderful things to say about you when meeting other dogs by the hydrant out front in Lincolnshire.

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