Dog training is the key so your Barrington dog won’t run away


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It’s heartwrenching to have your dog run away from your Barrington home. The best thing you can do to avoid it is to train your dog.

One of the most heart-wrenching experiences for a dog owner, other than when your dog gets sick or worse, is when your dog runs away from their Barrington home. Dogs that run away almost exclusively fall into one category; they’re untrained. A well-trained dog simply isn’t nearly as likely to run away as a dog that is not trained.


There are particular reasons that trained dogs are less likely to run away. The most obvious is that they know better. They’ve been trained to not run away. For instance, suppose a rabbit runs across your Barrington yard. Many dogs will fail to fight off the urge to take off after the rabbit. It’s in their DNA to chase a rabbit. But, a trained dog has a higher attachment to reason.

Another reason is that dog training instills a sense of confidence in a dog. They aren’t as easily spooked. They don’t deal with the insecurity that is more prevalent among untrained dogs.

For an untrained dog, a car backfiring can set them to running. Another dog can scare them and put them to flight. Simply finding themselves loose can be so discomforting that they will feel compelled to run as if, by doing so, they can escape their insecurity.

Some dogs run after other dogs. They want to play. They want to fight. They want to make friends. Whatever the case, they lack the training to resist the urge.

Keep your Barrington dog from running away

What can you do to keep your Barrington dog from running away? You can make them happier, more comfortable at home. Give them a place they don’t want to leave and they’re less likely to run off.

Taking your dog out for walks will ensure that your dog is comfortable in your Barrington neighborhood. They’re less likely to feel the insecurity that comes with unfamiliar surroundings.

If you do take them away from home unless they’re trained well enough to stay and come when called, keep them on a leash.

Does your dog ignore you when you call him or her to come? Chasing after them only makes them run away. That brings us back to the key factor to keep your dog from running away – train your dog.

With proper training, your dog will come when you call. Your dog will want to come when you call. You’ll develop a relationship of mutual trust that will work for the benefit of both of you. You’ll have a confident and well-behaved dog that simply won’t run away from you or your Barrington home.

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