Train your Dundee dog – the smart way to save time and energy


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The time spent training your dog will save you time and energy and make living with your dog in Dundee that much more enjoyable.

Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding personal activities a Dundee pet owner can consider. Dogs are companions, protectors and fun to have around. Unfortunately, they can also be a lot of work. You might think that the balance between the rewards of dog ownership and the hassles are dependent on how much work you put into it. That’s really not the case.


Training your dog is the key. One of your Dundee neighbors may have a dog and may find the experience exhausting. The dog chews things it shouldn’t chew, jumps on people, does its business in inappropriate places, is a risk to bite visitors and the neighbors’ kids, and may run away at any given moment. They bark incessantly and at the worst times of the day or night. Such a dog is deficient in proper dog training.

Obviously, training a dog takes some work (though some of the better kennels in the Dundee and Northern Illinois area offer a Board & Train alternative that can relieve you of some of the work). But, the work is up front. It’s not endless.

When you live with an untrained dog the work goes on and on. It’s frustrating. Instead of cooing sweet-nothings to your dog while rubbing her behind the ears, you frequently find yourself on the verge of yelling nasty names (don’t yell – it’s not the dog’s fault, you didn’t train the dog).

Dogs are amazing. Once you train your Dundee dog, your dog is trained. They don’t forget. Just how much training you want your dog to have is up to you. But, the more training, the more rewarding you’ll find life with your dog.

In other words, it’s just plain smart to train your dog. It’s a lot less work – a lot less hassle when you train your dog. And, when you consider all the personal items in your Dundee house that they won’t chew, the damaged carpeting from inappropriate potty practice, the potential lawsuits from biting strangers, the clothes they ruin jumping up on people, it’s also less costly to train your dog.

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