Fox Lake cats need to choose a good cat hotel for Spring Break fun


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You don’t want to leave your cat just anywhere when you go on Spring Break. Cats from Fox Lake, like yours, are more particular than that.

Spring break is fast approaching for the felines of Fox Lake. Okay, we have a little time left before the fun actually begins, but you don’t want to wait until the last moment to start making plans. In particular, you want to reserve a room now, while the best rooms are still available. Don’t wait like some other cats who put it off too long.


Cat hotels are filling fast. You don’t want to spend your Spring Break stuck in some dive where the cat rooms are dirty and cramped, where other cats are unhappy and behaving as though they have distemper. You want a room in a cat hotel where the cool cats stay.

How do you know where the cool cats will go when they head out from Fox Lake for Spring Break? Ask around. What do those other cats have to say about Spring Break and their plans? Still, you don’t want to blindly follow the clowder – any old group of cats. Sniff things out on your own. Get the lay of the land before you curl up in a cat hotel for the feline festivities.

Check it out; is the cat hotel you’re considering clean? Not just a little clean but finicky-cat clean? Dogs like a clean room. Cats are more demanding and if the rooms in the hotel aren’t clean, well, that just won’t do. And, by all means, make sure the litter box is kept clean.

Cats, such as you, are communal animals, when you want to be. That means you’ll want the opportunity to interact with other cats, from time to time. But, you also want a cat hotel where you can have some private time, a little space when you’re not in the mood for the shenanigans of all those other cats.

What about entertainment? What kind of cat hotel doesn’t offer any entertainment? A cat hotel that’s for the dogs. Well, actually, even the dogs wouldn’t put up with that.

The better cat hotels will have things for cats to climb on. They’ll have toys. Some cat hotels will even have flat-screen televisions with cat-friendly movies playing.

Well, now that you’ve figured out what to look for in a cat hotel, just remember, you don’t want to do anything during Spring Break that will go viral online where cats back home in Fox Lake will see what you were up to.

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