Use your senses when you bring your Mundelein dog to a kennel


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When you leave your Mundelein home for a trip, business or pleasure, you want to make sure you use your senses choosing a kennel.

How long will you leave your dog at the kennel when you leave Mundelein for business or pleasure? Dog owners typically leave their dogs at the kennel for a week or more. They want a kennel where their dog will be safe, healthy and happy while they’re gone. This means that you can’t just do a search and choose any-old kennel when it’s time.


So, how do you choose a kennel where your dog will receive the care he or she deserves, and where you won’t worry while you’re away? There’s nothing worse than spoiling your vacation worrying about whether your dog is okay when you’re supposed to be hitting the slopes, swimming in a pool on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. And, if you’re on business, you certainly don’t need the distraction.

Choosing a good kennel starts with using your senses. And that means just about all of them.

The kennel is not the same as your Mundelein home. But, it should provide care that is on par with the care you provide your dog, which isn’t to say your dog won’t be happy to see you when you return. If the kennel is a quality facility, however, your dog won’t spend the entire time you’re gone pining for you and lonely. That’s because a quality kennel takes into account more than just the health and safety of your dog; they also consider your dog’s state of mind and emotional welfare.

So, what should you look for in a kennel and how should you apply your senses?

  • Start with your intellect. Logic will suggest that you should do more than look up just-any kennel. You want to do some research. How long has the kennel been providing for dogs while their people are away? What kinds of kennel-related services do they offer? And what kind of reputation do they have? If you have friends to ask, do so. Either way, take some time to check out online comments about the kennel.
  • Use your sense of sight. Look the facility over inside and out. Are there any hazards your dog needs to worry about? Is it secure – your dog won’t get out and run away and no one will get in unnoticed? Is it clean? This includes the private rooms. You may see the occasional mess but it should be clear that the kennel is staying on top of the issue and cleaning the rooms regularly.
  • Use your sense of smell. This fits with the idea of a clean kennel. In a kennel, it may not be possible to eliminate even the slightest scent of dogs, but it should be well monitored. At the same time, you don’t want a kennel to have an oppressive smell of bleach, either. Use common sense and use your nose.
  • Use your hearing. Dogs will bark. Some dogs like to bark and do so with frequency. Most will also bark because you’ve entered the kennel. You’re someone new and interesting entering their territory. But, listen to how the folks maintaining the kennel and caring for the dogs, interacts with the dogs. Does it sound as though they’re trying to develop a positive rapport with the dogs? Are they kind in the way they treat and talk to the dogs? Do they lose their temper or display patience?

If you use your senses, the next time you leave your dog at a kennel, when leaving your Mundelein home for a while, you’ll know that your dog is in good hands. And you won’t have to worry.

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Hi, I am the President of Alden's Kennels Inc. in Ringwood, McHenry County IL. I have been in the pet industry for over 25years. I am your pets vacation planner, why leave your pets at home when they can have the vacation they deserve, in McHenry County IL. We board and train and have field trips to the best pet places.
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