Dog Training – the perfect Valentine’s gift for her and your Third Lake dog


Dog training Valentines Day

Something different to get her for Valentine’s Day? How about paying so she can take that Third Lake dog for dog training?

You could get your wife or girlfriend some candy, send some flowers, even send one of those Teddy bears. But, how long will any of those last? The flowers will die, the candy she’ll eat, and the bear will fall apart over time, especially if your Third Lake puppy gets hold of it. But, there is an alternative that will remind her of Valentine’s Day for years to come.


You could sign the dog up for some dog training

Imagine how much she’ll enjoy the interaction going to dog training with her puppy. The process is fun, for the owner and the dog. It also builds a deeper bond between her and her dog. As much as she loves her dog, the idea of a deeper bond is quite a benefit of dog training.

Even though she loves her puppy completely, there are still ‘those’ time. You know the times; when the puppy makes a mess on the living room carpet, chews up one of her slippers, jumps up and damages her favorite dress. She doesn’t stop loving the puppy, but those moments are trying.

Dog training will, at the very least, reduce trying moments. If she and the puppy stick with it a while, they’ll virtually eliminate the puppy’s behavioral issues.

Dog training can eliminate the ‘drawbacks’ of dog ownership. More than that, however, it enhances the benefits and can do so dramatically.

With training, that puppy won’t jump on visitors who come to her Third Lake home. With training, the puppy will know where to do her business and, if necessary, will indicate the need. With dog training, the dog will come when called. She’ll be more protective but in a safer manner.

Dog training is the way that a puppy becomes a member of the team rather than an independent agent who acts in her own interests and acts out almost randomly (their behavior probably isn’t as random as it may seem).

So, you can run to a Third Lake store and buy her something perishable for Valentine’s Day or you can get her something she’ll cherish for years to come.

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