Dog training is the key for dealing with your Port Barrington dog’s bad habits


Port Barrington dog training

A little dog training for your Port Barrington dog will go a long way toward breaking bad habits.

One of your neighbors on the block in your hometown of Port Barrington has a bad habit of nosing into everyone’s business. Another neighbor tends to greet you by putting his arm around your shoulder. And then you have a neighbor who frequently refers to herself in the third person – “That’s not what Jackie would do,” says Jackie. But, you may have someone living in your home who has some bad habits, too – such as your pet Doberman.


Dilbert is a bit nosy, but that’s more understandable with a dog than a neighbor. He also jumps up on people and frequently greets people by goosing them the way dogs greet each other. That’s embarrassing for them and for you. And, while Dilbert doesn’t speak of himself in the third person, he does speak a bit too often.

Most dogs have some bad habits, not just dogs in Port Barrington but dogs all over. And, unless those bad habits are trained out of them, that annoying behavior will become ingrained in your dog’s mannerisms.

For someone who interrupts people often, the only way they’ll stop is if someone points out their bad behavior and they make a concerted effort to change. The same is true for dogs.

Dog training can do a lot for a dog, and a lot for someone who lives with that dog. You can teach your dog not to run away, not to bite people, to only do their business in appropriate places and at appropriate times. You can teach a dog to do tricks and to walk properly on a leash.

You can also teach a dog to behave better – like a good little lady or gentleman. Without training, your dog’s behavior is based on your dog’s whims. If they goose visitors to your house, they’ll continue to goose visitors to your house until you do something about it. Without dog training, they’ll have no reason to assume it isn’t appropriate behavior to nuzzle someone’s behind the way they greet other dogs.

With a little effort, you can turn your uncouth pet into a refined lady or gentleman. But, first, you have to make a commitment to training your dog.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone when training your dog. There are kennels, including those not far from Port Barrington, where you can bring your dog for some good-dog training. Some kennels even offer Board & Train programs that are like crash courses.

Now, if only you could sign up your Port Barrington neighbors for some training to deal with their bad habits.

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