Dog training may keep your child engaged when you let them have a dog


child training dog

Dog training keeps your child involved with their dog while they develop a very special bond.

You’ve heard it before. Your child wants a dog and promises that they’ll take care of the dog. They’ll clean up after the dog. They’ll take the dog for walks. But, somehow, you know how it will work out, don’t you? Maybe dog training lessons will change this age-old story.


The pattern goes like this:

  • Your child wants a dog
  • They promise they’ll take care of the dog, take it for walks, clean up after it and feed it
  • You’re skeptical
  • They cross their hearts and promise
  • Their sad little faces melt your heart, again
  • You give in and agree while admonishing them that they’ll need to take care of the dog
  • Within a month or two, you’re doing all the work to take care of your child’s dog and nagging them to help

This story has happened many times before. It will happen many times again. Dog training is the way that you may be able to break the pattern without denying your child a pet.

Actually, allowing your child to have a dog is an opportunity, if you grab it. It’s a chance for your child to develop some responsibility and self-discipline. Yes, that’s what all parents say when they agree to let their child have a dog. But, if they don’t sign the child and dog up for dog training, it’s unlikely the child will live up to the responsibilities of dog ownership.

How can dog training change the ‘Can-I-have-a-dog’ scenario?

First of all, there are no guarantees. But, dog training is an interactive experience between a pet owner and their pet. Your child may find taking the dog for walks boring after a while. But, dog training is progressive; the experience changes with the dog’s and the owner’s ability.

Dog training is rewarding for the dog and owner. There’s a sense of accomplishment when they work on something and the desired behavior is achieved. More than that, the experience between dog and owner is far more gratifying, and less aggravating when the dog is trained and the owner knows how to work with the dog.

Yes, some children will grow tired of almost anything, even the hyperactive video game they might play for endless hours. But, few things are more likely to hold their attention than taking their dog to qualified dog-training lessons. Allowing your child to have a dog might be a good idea after all.

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