Biscuit, the terror of Grayslake, is a good neighbor after Board & Train


Grayslake board and train

With a little Board & Train, an Irish Setter, or any dog, can go from a terror of Grayslake to a good neighbor.

Biscuit was the terror of her Grayslake neighborhood. Well, not literally. The problem with Biscuit, a young Irish Setter, was that she was wild and uncontrollable. She wasn’t mean. She wasn’t prone to bite anyone, except in fun. The solution that transformed Biscuit is called Board & Train – a dog training boarding school.


What did Biscuit do that was so much trouble? Where do we start?

  • Biscuit liked to bark, a lot. He liked to bark at all hours of the day or night. Mostly, it was a ‘I’m-having-fun’ kind of barking. But, sometimes, it was also a lonely kind of barking. Biscuit didn’t have a lot of reason to feel lonely. He was loved by his family but no level of attention was enough for Biscuit. Leave him alone for a little while and he would begin to pine, and bark, for his family.
  • If Biscuit got loose in his Grayslake neighborhood, which was all-too often, it was a hair-raising experience to catch him again. He thought it was a great game of ‘keep-away’ and would wait until someone almost had him in their grasp before he would dash away in his crazy-legged, tail and tongue wagging sort of way.
  • Another of Biscuit’s favorite activities was to jump up on people and feverishly lick their faces. Though young, on his hind legs, Biscuit was eye-to-eye with a grown man. He seemed to know that he would be pulled down at any time and would feverishly lick faces as though to get as many licks in as possible before his fun was brought to an abrupt end.
  • Biscuit also enjoyed chewing on things and he would find all kinds of things to chew on. He chewed on everything from slippers, shoes and socks to furniture, make-up bottles and really had an affinity to the flavor of Chapstick.
  • Biscuit has a special place in the fenced yard to do his business. Sometimes, however, he prefers other spots, such as the kitchen and living room. When Biscuit got loose, he was also prone to do his business in the neighbors’ yards, which they generally didn’t appreciate.

Biscuit’s family was at their wit’s end about what to do with Biscuit when they noticed that some of the neighbors were also frustrated by Biscuit’s behavior. It was hard not to notice since a couple neighbors knocked on the door and said, “We’re a little frustrated with Biscuit’s behavior.”

It was at this point that the family realized that tolerating Biscuit’s behavior wasn’t the solution; they had to act. They enrolled Biscuit in a Doggy U experience known as Board & Train.

One day, they drove out of Grayslake and dropped Biscuit off at a kennel that had a highly recommended Board & Train program. Biscuit stayed there for a couple weeks. When they picked him up, and brought him back to Grayslake, he was like a different dog. They still needed to work with him a bit, but the change was dramatic and appreciated by everyone in his family, as well as the neighbors.

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