How to Prepare Your Dog for Fall

The hot sunny days are coming to an end. As the leaves change, so do your dogs wants and needs. There are certain things you must do to prepare your pup for the cold months ahead.

1. Check for allergies: Just like humans, dogs also experience seasonal allergies. As plants start to hibernate for the winter months, they will release potential allergens into the air. If your dog suffers from seasonal allergies, you will notice them sneezing, scratching themselves, or redness in their eyes. The best way to help your pet is to take them to a vet. The vet may prescribe some type of allergy relief, as well as, advice on how to change their diet. Changing their diet will help the immune system become more anti-inflammatory.

2. Watch their skin and coat: As the temperature drops, we all notice more dryness in our skin. The same goes for dogs. It is essential to check their skin to make sure their dryness is taken care of. You can improve the dryness by making specific changes with their diets.

3. Find an exercise schedule: It is so hard to go outside in the winter months, but your dog still needs exercise. Decrease exercise can lead to weight gain. If you do not want to endure the coldness outside, you are in luck because we have the best alternative. Take your dog to a board and training facility. The board and training facility can provide your dog with appropriate exercise but also help train them in other ways. You will see an overall improvement in your dog’s health and attitude.

Happy fall!

About aldenskennels

Hi, I am the President of Alden's Kennels Inc. in Ringwood, McHenry County IL. I have been in the pet industry for over 25years. I am your pets vacation planner, why leave your pets at home when they can have the vacation they deserve, in McHenry County IL. We board and train and have field trips to the best pet places.
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