Can two dogs live together in your Evanston home?

2 dogs Evanston

It’s apparent these two dogs have no problem living peacefully together but can two dogs live together in your Evanston home?

Biscuit, a friendly Golden Retriever, has lived in your Evanston home for about three years since arriving as a puppy. She’s developed into a full-fledged member of the family. Everyone loves her. In fact, the family’s adoration of Biscuit so complete that you’ve all decided it’s time to enhance the experience – you’ve decided to adopt another dog.

This is understandable. Moreover, it’s not just that you want to have another dog to love; you also want Biscuit to have someone else to play with, to run around your Evanston yard with. You believe that the answer to the question ‘What is better than having a dog in the family?’ is ‘Having two dogs in the family.’

Your concern now is whether Biscuit and the new dog you bring home will share your enthusiasm. What if they don’t get along? What if they fight? These are valid concerns.

While you can’t guarantee that two dogs will get along you can take steps that will go a long way to helping two dogs get along.

The most important aspect of helping two dogs get along is the approach. Dogs are very territorial. It’s part of their pack mentality, which is part of their DNA. When one dog comes into another dog’s territory – enters the other dog’s pack (and, from your dog’s perspective, you and the family are part of the pack), there is a question of whether the new dog will fit in – whether it will be accepted.

What helps is if the dogs can meet on neutral territory. Instead of bringing the new dog directly into the your Evanston home, you can introduce them to each other at an unfamiliar park – unfamiliar to both of them.

You also want to avoid situations that would cause jealousy between the dogs, particularly until they’re acclimated with each other. If you show favoritism to one dog over the other, the dogs will notice. They’re attuned to that kind of thing. You may want to separate them at dinner time, until they’ve established their relationship.

Problems can arise if both dogs are of the same sex. Of course, ‘problems’ can also arise if the dogs are of opposite sexes. In the latter case, special steps should be taken to avoid the unexpected arrival of additional puppies into your Evanston home.

Whatever the sexes of your dogs, it’s important that you allow them to get to know each other without trying to force their relationship. You want to ‘mediate’ carefully, if they don’t seem to get along (be careful and don’t stick your arm or body between them if they fight).

There is some evidence that neutering a male dog will make it more amicable about the idea of getting along with another dog. This also addresses the other problem with having two dogs, of opposite sexes, living together.

Of course, you could throw the dogs together and hope for the best. In that case, the odds are less than 50/50. But, if you approach the potential relationship of two dogs living together seriously, you can go a long way to helping them get along.

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Hundreds attend Multi-State Mixer at Aldens Kennels

Multi-State Mixer crowd_72dpi

The Multi-State Mixer at Aldens Kennels June 6 was a great success with more than 300 in attendance.

There are mixers and then there are mixers. For those who aren’t familiar, a mixer, in this context, is a business event where business owners and managers meet to socialize, reinforce and establish relationships with other business owners and managers. The mixer June 6 at Aldens Kennels, however, was an example of a mixer on steroids.

Most mixers count the number of people who attend in the dozens – two or three dozen. The Multi-State Mixer at Aldens Kennels, however, included business owners and managers from nine different chambers of commerce and business networking organizations; they counted the attendees in the hundreds. This was the fourth year of the event.

Multi-State Mixer Janet and Al_72dpi

Janet and Al Domrase – hosts of the Multi-State Mixer at Aldens Kennels.

“We had (#?) people attend the mixer,” said Al Domrase, the owner of Aldens Kennels. “It’s a great way for people in the business community to connect with others in the community.”

The mixer started at 5 p.m. and lasted until shortly after 7 p.m. At 6 p.m., there was a demonstration, on dry land, by the National Champion Wonder Lake Ski Team. The speaking-engagement and radio team of 2 Bald Guys & A Microphone emceed the event (the 2 Bald Guys are Tim Stewart and Kent Jones). There was food, drinks and raffles – lots of raffles.

While an event of this magnitude required a lot of work by the folks at Aldens Kennels, as well as other volunteers, numerous companies and individuals also supported the event. Those who supported the mixer include:

  • Meals Like Moms
  • Step-it-up Rentals
  • CedarDale Pet Resort
  • Vindictive Vinyl
  • Photo Moxie
  • T’s Toffee
  • Valen Studios
  • Tastefully Simple
  • Alpha Laser
  • Home Inspections & More
  • 2 Bald Guys & A Microphone
  • Michael Delott
  • At a Glance Marketing
  • Crazy for Cookies & Cake Pops
  • GRIL
  • Langton Group
  • Café 31 North
  • Applebees
  • Lourds Kandel Serenity Spas
  • Pet Rescue Donations
  • Snarf Foods
  • Northern Illinois Windows
  • Missy Veterans of Valor
  • Halftime Pizza
  • Uno’s
  • ChaZio’s
  • Harbor Shores Lake Geneva
  • Focal Point Coaching
  • Boisette
  • Lake Lawn Lodge
  • The Abbey
  • Hampton Inn McHenry
  • Grand Geneva The Shanty
  • JB Aviation Galt Airport
  • Bemer
  • Young Masters Martial Arts & Fitness
  • 1st Midwest Bank
  • Walworth County Visitor Bureau
  • NJ Elite Performance
  • Journey Natural Wellness & Health
  • Meat & Potatoes
  • Geneva Inn
  • Kinnerk Scent Paradise
  • Belfry Music Theatre
  • Frequency-R-Us Products
  • Visit Lake Geneva
  • Meijers
  • The Village Squire
  • Capture the Moment
  • Rich Publicity

“We really want to thank all those who supported the event,” said Domrase. “They made this all possible.”


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Can you potty train your fully-grown Village of Lakewood dog?

potty train Lakewood dog

One of them made that puddle but they both look guilty. Can you potty train your Lakewood dog?

There are quite a few fully-grown dogs living in the Village of Lakewood. Only some of them use their homes as toilets. For pet owners in the village who have mature dogs that aren’t housebroken, it’s rather frustrating.

No one likes to walk into the living room and discover that they dog has left them a ‘special prize’ on the rug. The discovery often leads to another round of firm ‘Bad-Dog’ admonishments to do their business outside. In response, the dog looks guilty but it’s not clear the dog understands what he or she did wrong. The same thing happens the next time the dog leaves a prize and a cycle is created. It’s frustrating when a dog isn’t potty trained.

The question is whether you can train an adult dog – particularly whether you can housebreak a mature dog. The answer is probably. It will, however, require patience and determination on your part.

The first problem is that, by this time, the mature dog has probably developed a pattern; going in the house is a habit and habits are hard to break.

The key is to help the dog develop new habits. These new habits should include going out to do their business first thing every morning and last thing every night. Spend a little while outside with the dog. If your dog does its business, lavish them with praise. Make the experience fun and give them the idea that they’ve pleased you.

If they don’t go right away, give them a little while and then go back inside. Now, keep a close eye on them. If they look as though they’re sniffing around for a place to do their business, take them back outside. Even if they don’t look like they’re interested in doing their business, take them back outside again about 20 or 30 minutes after you came in.

If your Village of Lakewood dog is evacuating in the morning and at night, they probably won’t have the inclination to do so during the day. Still, keep an eye on them and take them out if they appear antsy.

You can also put your dog in its crate during times when it may choose to do its business indoors and you won’t be around. As a general rule, dogs don’t like to do their business in their bedding.

Stay at it and you’ll probably cure your mature dog of the tendency to do its business inside your Village of Lakewood home. Potty training can work with almost any dog.

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Aldens Kennels to host annual Multi-State Mixer


Aldens Kennels is a place where people bring their cats and dogs for boarding – where they bring their dogs for training. But, from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 6, the kennel is almost magically transformed into one of the most significant business networking mixer, if not the biggest, in the Midwest – it’s fourth annual Multi-State Mixer. The sleepy little village of Ringwood – Aldens Kennels is at 6810 Barnard Mill Road, in Ringwood – will see a dramatic influx of visitors as nearly 500 are expected to attend the event.

The purpose of a business networking mixer is to offer business owners an opportunity to mingle with other business owners. They have a chance to make new connections, refresh existing relationships and share tips about improving the operation of their businesses. The event at Aldens – the Multi-State Mixer – will also include food, beverages and prizes.

Participating chambers of commerce and other organizations include nine chambers and three visitor bureaus. The event is open to business owners or those who are starting a business.

Most mixers offer prizes – one or two. That’s not the case at the Multi-State Mixer. Here are the prizes, so far:

  • HalfTime Pizza – 3 certificates for 14″ pizza
  • Harbor Shores Lake Geneva – One Night Stay in a Parkview room
  • Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill – $25 Uno Dough
  • Focal Point Coaching – 2 hour strategic business review OR 2 hour leverage your leadeship session
  • Lake Lawn Lodge – Golf for four with shared cart
  • Hampton Inn McHenry – Complimentary overnight stay in a standard room
  • Grand Geneva Resort & Spa A Grand Tale – History of the Grand Geneva book
  • The Shanty – $20 gift card
  • Young Masters martial Arts & Fitness Studio – $50 Gift Certificate
  • CedarDale Pet Resort – $50 off full service
  • ChaZio’s – 15% corporate discount for a full year on all services
  • Home Inspections and More, Inc. – Arerial drone photo
  • JB Aviation Management Galt Airport – One Discovery Flight
  • Walworth County Visitor Bureau – Golf Passport Package
  • NJ Elite Performancee – Two 1-month memberships Unlimited boot camp classes & Kettle Classes
  • 1st Midwest Bank – Gift Basket
  • Journey Natural Wellness and Health – Gift Basket
  • Geneva Inn – Gift Basket
  • Missy’s Veteran’s of Valor – Two passes for Illinois Railway Museum
  • Missy’s Veteran’s of Valor – Signed Frammed photo former Blackhawk, Eddie Olczyk
  • 1st Midwest Bank McHenry – Gift Basket
  • Meat & Potatoes – Gift Card
  • Kinnerk Scent Paradise – Gift Basket
  • Frequncy-R-Us – Products Gift Card
  • Belfry Music Theatre – Tickets for a concert
  • Visit Lake Geneva – Chamber Dollars
  • The Squire – Gift Ceretificate
  • Bemer Circulation Therapy – Diane Bishope-Hussey
  • Rich Publicity – One Press Release or Two Blogs

The event has quite a few sponsors, too. They include:

2017 Mulit-State Mixer Sponsors

1 MEIJERS 2 logo cakes; Jason Weisenberger store manager 815 578-9700; Faith Lever supervisor bakery


2 MEALS LIKE MOMS pasta bar, Chef Debi 847-778-9351

3 STEP IT UP RENTALS rentals tables/chairs/tent Dan Linnemon 815 790-6895

4 VINDICTIVE VINYL Dan Florek 847 271-3421

5 PHOTO MOXIE Event Photo’s Michelle LaVigne 815 347-8562

6 T’S TOFFEE Sweets Theresa Milz 847 274-9969

7 TASTEFULLY SIMPLE Dips,Fruits & Dips Mary Bouchard 815 403-2291 773 860-8938

8 Alpha Laser Address: 10906 Button Rd, Hebron, IL 60034; Phone: (815) 245-7005

9 Two Bald Guys & a microphone 2703 Kendall Crossing Johnsburg, IL 60051. (815) 403-8870.

10 Home Inspections 4214 Riverview Dr, Johnsburg IL 60051 847 531-3148

11 Kiera Confections Address: 1114 N Green St, McHenry, IL 60050 815 385-4372

12 Michael Delott 1278 Briarwood Ln, Libertyville, IL 60048 Phone: (847) 945-2787

13 Sunset Foods Catering 1451 E Peterson Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048 (847) 573-9570

14 Crazy Cookies (224) 321-7159

15 Valen Studios 123 Center St Grayslake, Illinois, IL 60030
(847) 417-8302

16 The Gril 403 Washington Blvd., Suite 11 Mundelein IL 224 304-4745

17 At a Glance Marketing 28576 W Lindbergh Dr., Barrington, Illinois, IL 60010 (847) 304-4446

18 Langton Group 4510 Dean St. Woodstock, Il 60098 815 338-2630

19 Capture the Moment Photography, 970 Harris Road, Suite 2B, Grayslake, IL 60030 847-445-0825

20 Missy’s Veterans of Valor Celebration

21 Café 31 North

22 Northern IL Windows

23 Applebee’s

24 Lourds Kandel Serenity Spas

25 Laura Nelson Pet Rescue Donations

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Are pit bulls good pets?

53333784 - woman and staffordshire bull terrier in front of white background

Take a look at this photo and try to tell yourself that pit bulls are not good pets. Of course, pit bulls can be great pets.

These dogs have a serious reputation. Everybody knows how tough they are – how mean they are. You don’t want to mess with a pit bull, do you?

Actually, that’s not true. The truth is that pit bulls are actually have the potential to be great pets. It’s a question of what you, the pet owner, want from your pit bull.

Unfortunately, their reputation is often a self-fulfilling prophesy. People who want a mean dog buy pit bulls. Then, they set out to make their pit bull fit the reputation. In the process, they can take a sweet-tempered dog and transform it into a vicious canine.

What does popular culture say about pit bulls and what is the truth – the truth before a pit bull’s temperament is twisted by someone with bad intentions:

  • Pit bulls are naturally vicious. Not true. As with any breed, there are well-tempered pit bulls and more aggressive pit bulls. The stereotype of the vicious pit bull is a creation of people who have turned good dogs bad.
  • Pit bulls have unique jaws that lock when they bite. Also, not true. In terms of skeletal structure, the pit bull is the same as any other dog. This is a myth that resulted from demonstrations of the pit bull’s inherent determination. These are, generally, very strong-willed dogs. That can be a positive trait if it’s not twisted to illicit purposes.
  • Pit bulls are naturally aggressive towards people. Again, not true. The pit bull is a friendly and loyal member of many human households. In those families that appreciate the pit bull for its true nature, this is one of the better pets.
  • It’s better to adopt a pit bull as a puppy. Yes and no. The common ‘wisdom’ goes that, if you adopt your pit bull as a puppy, you can train it so it won’t have problems with aggression towards people or other dogs. The reality is that pit bulls are like any other dog. Collies are popularly seen as one of the friendliest dogs in the canine family. But, some collies are more aggressive towards people and other dogs. However, if adopting an older pit bull, you should take caution that it’s not a dog whose previous owner was teaching an aggressive attitude.

Whatever the age of the pit bull you adopt, dog training is a great idea. That’s true with any dog.

For one thing, living with a well-trained dog is a pleasure missed by those who have untrained dogs. For another thing, a dog is a potential liability if it does get aggressive with someone or another dog. This is more true with a powerful dog, such as a pit bull.

Dog training is a great way to ensure that you have a friendly dog who is safe around people.

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Should you leave your Long Grove cat home alone?

leave Long Grove cat home alone

Should you leave your Long Grove cat home alone?

Imagine a cat named Dejavu. But, Dejavu is more than just a pampered pet. She’s a Himalayan cat with a soft and flowing silver coat, a white mane and a black face that extends into her erect and pointed ears. But, even more than that, she’s a member of the family and a permanent resident, since Christmas, in the home of long-time Long Grove residents.

Her arrival in the home was a cherished event. I mean, how doesn’t love a kitten at its cutest? But now, though she still possesses considerable cute factor, her presence is posing a slight problem. In particular, summer is beckoning around the corner from spring. And, that means vacation.

Even before Dejavu joined the family, plans for the family vacation were in the works. After all, there were a lot of plans to consider: scheduling time off of work, reserving hotels, airfare and more. What doesn’t fit with those plans is the idea of taking a kitten along.

Some people would probably assume that a cat could take care of itself. Unlike dogs, to a degree, there’s some truth to that. It depends on how independent the cat is and how long the family will be away. But, with a kitten, the idea is unacceptable even on the face of it.

What’s the cat-care solution when you go on vacation?

For dogs, they have kennels and canine resorts. The solution, when someone needs care for their cats or kittens is a kitty hotel. And yet, you may be asking, ‘Why can’t I leave my cat in our Long Grove home alone? There are several good reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Whether you feed your cat wet or dry food, cats do best when they’re fed at the same time each day.
  • If you leave them with a large bowl of food, intending that it will last an extended period of time, they’re liable to eat too much too early and be without food later.
  • They need fresh water and, while dogs may drink out of the toilet (Yuk!!) few cats will do so.
  • Though their independence may suggest otherwise, cats can feel stress and anxiety when left alone too long. They get lonely and crave the companionship of their family.
  • Who will clean the litter box? When the litter box is thoroughly dirtied, cats are liable to take their business out of the box – on your floors, rugs and carpets.
  • What will happen to your cat if they have an emergency? Though the risk is probably not great it’s not out of the realm of reason.

In the final analysis, your cat may be safe in your Long Grove home while you and the family are away but why take the chance when inexpensive kitty hotels are available.

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Is my St. Charles puppy too young for training?

puppy too young to train

At what age can you start training your St. Charles puppy? As with these puppies, they’re almost never too young.

Your puppy just wants to run around your St. Charles home having fun. She’s a puppy. Having fun is her job, right? Let her have some fun before you take her to school – the puppy training academy. There’s plenty of time for that, right?

One aspect of the concept suggested in the previous paragraph is that you should allow the puppy to have some fun being a puppy before you begin molding her little mind, and behavior, to fit what is acceptable round your home. This misses one of the key aspects about training a puppy, if it’s done right; puppy training should be fun.

If you do it right, your puppy will enjoy the dog training experience. And, if you take your St. Charles puppy to a dog training facility, if they do it right, your puppy will still find the experience something they’ll look forward to. In other words, if your dog isn’t enjoying dog training, you’re not doing it right.

So, at what age can a puppy begin dog training? Current research suggests that puppies have the capacity to learn from dog training as early as three-weeks old.

Think about it this way: if one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years in a human’s life, then a three-week-old puppy is the equivalent of a 21-month-old child. Clearly, you’ll want to start providing some behavioral skills to your nearly two-year-old child.

In truth, few dog owners begin puppy training at this young age. For one thing, puppies are usually older than that by several weeks when they’re adopted. Puppies generally need to maintain their connection with their mothers until the puppy is about eight weeks. Taking the puppy away from its mother sooner can cause lasting issues for the puppy.

Another consideration that may moderate the age when you introduce your puppy to dog training is that, in a group setting, a puppy as young as three-weeks old is probably not vaccinated properly for socialization with other puppies and dogs. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t begin training your puppy at home. Do this and, by the time they’re ready for a puppy training class, they’ll have a head start.

The point is that, dogs can learn new tricks at any age. But, the sooner you start training your St. Charles puppy, the more likely you’ll have a well-trained, well-behaved dog. And, living with a well-trained dog is a dramatically different experience than living with an untrained canine.

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