Board and Train is multi-tasking for dogs and their owners


board and train multitasking

Board & Train is multi-tasking for dogs and their owners. It’s a great way to get things done, or take a vacation, while your dog enjoys a luxury pet resort and fun and intense dog training.

Time, that’s the issue. You love your new dog, but your patience still runs thin from time to time, such as times when their behavior is a problem. Still, if you think about it, it’s not their fault. Your dog is doing what comes naturally. The blame actually rests with you and that brings you back to the issue of time.


You don’t have time to train your dog. If you did, you would have already. Life is hectic. You are constantly forced to make choices on how you’ll use your time. As much as you’d like to have a well-trained dog, somehow your time is challenged by other priorities. There is a solution – Board and Train.

Board and Train is really multi-tasking for dogs and dog owners. You multi-task in other areas of your life, don’t you? Just think of the ways you multi-task:

  • You do housework while speaking on the phone
  • You watch television while exercising
  • You listen to audio books while driving
  • You stop at the store on the way to pick your child up from school
  • You plan your day while you shower in the morning

If you think about it, you’ve made an art of multi-tasking. Why not apply that skill to living with your dog? How can Board and Train fit into your multi-tasking approach to time? That depends on what you do while your dog is boarded – while your dog is trained.

Suppose you’ll have an exceptionally busy time at work. A big project is coming to a head and you’ll need to put even more time than usual into your work. You won’t have time for the dog. Why not enroll the dog in Board & Train? While you’re busy, your dog is enjoying a stay at a swank dog resort and taking a fun and intense training program.

Better yet, maybe you should make some time for yourself – a vacation. Go to Hawaii, Alaska, Bora Bora, Naples or even the Wisconsin Dells. Wherever you go, while you’re gone, sign your dog up for some dog training while they’re boarded in style.

Whatever you do with the time while your dog is at Board and Train, when you pick your dog up, you’ll bring a different dog back home – a better-trained, better-behaved, more socially acceptable dog. Now, that’s multi-tasking is supposed to work.

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Biscuit, the terror of Grayslake, is a good neighbor after Board & Train


Grayslake board and train

With a little Board & Train, an Irish Setter, or any dog, can go from a terror of Grayslake to a good neighbor.

Biscuit was the terror of her Grayslake neighborhood. Well, not literally. The problem with Biscuit, a young Irish Setter, was that she was wild and uncontrollable. She wasn’t mean. She wasn’t prone to bite anyone, except in fun. The solution that transformed Biscuit is called Board & Train – a dog training boarding school.


What did Biscuit do that was so much trouble? Where do we start?

  • Biscuit liked to bark, a lot. He liked to bark at all hours of the day or night. Mostly, it was a ‘I’m-having-fun’ kind of barking. But, sometimes, it was also a lonely kind of barking. Biscuit didn’t have a lot of reason to feel lonely. He was loved by his family but no level of attention was enough for Biscuit. Leave him alone for a little while and he would begin to pine, and bark, for his family.
  • If Biscuit got loose in his Grayslake neighborhood, which was all-too often, it was a hair-raising experience to catch him again. He thought it was a great game of ‘keep-away’ and would wait until someone almost had him in their grasp before he would dash away in his crazy-legged, tail and tongue wagging sort of way.
  • Another of Biscuit’s favorite activities was to jump up on people and feverishly lick their faces. Though young, on his hind legs, Biscuit was eye-to-eye with a grown man. He seemed to know that he would be pulled down at any time and would feverishly lick faces as though to get as many licks in as possible before his fun was brought to an abrupt end.
  • Biscuit also enjoyed chewing on things and he would find all kinds of things to chew on. He chewed on everything from slippers, shoes and socks to furniture, make-up bottles and really had an affinity to the flavor of Chapstick.
  • Biscuit has a special place in the fenced yard to do his business. Sometimes, however, he prefers other spots, such as the kitchen and living room. When Biscuit got loose, he was also prone to do his business in the neighbors’ yards, which they generally didn’t appreciate.

Biscuit’s family was at their wit’s end about what to do with Biscuit when they noticed that some of the neighbors were also frustrated by Biscuit’s behavior. It was hard not to notice since a couple neighbors knocked on the door and said, “We’re a little frustrated with Biscuit’s behavior.”

It was at this point that the family realized that tolerating Biscuit’s behavior wasn’t the solution; they had to act. They enrolled Biscuit in a Doggy U experience known as Board & Train.

One day, they drove out of Grayslake and dropped Biscuit off at a kennel that had a highly recommended Board & Train program. Biscuit stayed there for a couple weeks. When they picked him up, and brought him back to Grayslake, he was like a different dog. They still needed to work with him a bit, but the change was dramatic and appreciated by everyone in his family, as well as the neighbors.

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Dog training may keep your child engaged when you let them have a dog


child training dog

Dog training keeps your child involved with their dog while they develop a very special bond.

You’ve heard it before. Your child wants a dog and promises that they’ll take care of the dog. They’ll clean up after the dog. They’ll take the dog for walks. But, somehow, you know how it will work out, don’t you? Maybe dog training lessons will change this age-old story.


The pattern goes like this:

  • Your child wants a dog
  • They promise they’ll take care of the dog, take it for walks, clean up after it and feed it
  • You’re skeptical
  • They cross their hearts and promise
  • Their sad little faces melt your heart, again
  • You give in and agree while admonishing them that they’ll need to take care of the dog
  • Within a month or two, you’re doing all the work to take care of your child’s dog and nagging them to help

This story has happened many times before. It will happen many times again. Dog training is the way that you may be able to break the pattern without denying your child a pet.

Actually, allowing your child to have a dog is an opportunity, if you grab it. It’s a chance for your child to develop some responsibility and self-discipline. Yes, that’s what all parents say when they agree to let their child have a dog. But, if they don’t sign the child and dog up for dog training, it’s unlikely the child will live up to the responsibilities of dog ownership.

How can dog training change the ‘Can-I-have-a-dog’ scenario?

First of all, there are no guarantees. But, dog training is an interactive experience between a pet owner and their pet. Your child may find taking the dog for walks boring after a while. But, dog training is progressive; the experience changes with the dog’s and the owner’s ability.

Dog training is rewarding for the dog and owner. There’s a sense of accomplishment when they work on something and the desired behavior is achieved. More than that, the experience between dog and owner is far more gratifying, and less aggravating when the dog is trained and the owner knows how to work with the dog.

Yes, some children will grow tired of almost anything, even the hyperactive video game they might play for endless hours. But, few things are more likely to hold their attention than taking their dog to qualified dog-training lessons. Allowing your child to have a dog might be a good idea after all.

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Rescue dogs need love, and training, too


rescue dog

That rescue dog needs your love. You can show your love by training your rescue dog.

What was life like for that poor, wonderful puppy before you came to the rescue? Adopting a rescue dog is a great thing to do. There are so many dogs that are underfed, under cared for, underloved. People like you who adopt from a rescue center are doing something wonderful and humane. But, don’t stop there.


You’ve made the decision to rescue a dog – to make that dog a member of your family. Now, take the next step and ensure that your rescue dog works out. More than working out, make sure that you, your family and your rescue dog have a great life together.

Training is a must for rescue dogs, or should be

What can training do for your rescue dog? Think about how all those harsh and neglected experiences have affected your dog before you came to the rescue – before they were picked up by the rescue center. Some rescue dogs were abused before they were rescued. There’s no way that kind of treatment won’t influence your dog’s behavior and demeanor.

If your rescue dog’s biggest problem was neglect, that will influence their social skills, too. It has to.

Dog training can directly address behavioral problems brought on by the experiences your dog had before you took their life down a better path. It can help them to develop neglected social skills and reverse negative social behavior.

Dog training will give you and your new rescue dog a chance to bond. At the same time, your rescue dog will find some stability in his or her life. They’ll develop the kind of confidence that begins driving away the fears and inhibitions that were all-too reasonable before you entered their life.

When you bring your rescue dog home, making the most of the experience for you, and the dog starts with training. Their fresh start deserves it.

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Dog training is the key for dealing with your Port Barrington dog’s bad habits


Port Barrington dog training

A little dog training for your Port Barrington dog will go a long way toward breaking bad habits.

One of your neighbors on the block in your hometown of Port Barrington has a bad habit of nosing into everyone’s business. Another neighbor tends to greet you by putting his arm around your shoulder. And then you have a neighbor who frequently refers to herself in the third person – “That’s not what Jackie would do,” says Jackie. But, you may have someone living in your home who has some bad habits, too – such as your pet Doberman.


Dilbert is a bit nosy, but that’s more understandable with a dog than a neighbor. He also jumps up on people and frequently greets people by goosing them the way dogs greet each other. That’s embarrassing for them and for you. And, while Dilbert doesn’t speak of himself in the third person, he does speak a bit too often.

Most dogs have some bad habits, not just dogs in Port Barrington but dogs all over. And, unless those bad habits are trained out of them, that annoying behavior will become ingrained in your dog’s mannerisms.

For someone who interrupts people often, the only way they’ll stop is if someone points out their bad behavior and they make a concerted effort to change. The same is true for dogs.

Dog training can do a lot for a dog, and a lot for someone who lives with that dog. You can teach your dog not to run away, not to bite people, to only do their business in appropriate places and at appropriate times. You can teach a dog to do tricks and to walk properly on a leash.

You can also teach a dog to behave better – like a good little lady or gentleman. Without training, your dog’s behavior is based on your dog’s whims. If they goose visitors to your house, they’ll continue to goose visitors to your house until you do something about it. Without dog training, they’ll have no reason to assume it isn’t appropriate behavior to nuzzle someone’s behind the way they greet other dogs.

With a little effort, you can turn your uncouth pet into a refined lady or gentleman. But, first, you have to make a commitment to training your dog.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone when training your dog. There are kennels, including those not far from Port Barrington, where you can bring your dog for some good-dog training. Some kennels even offer Board & Train programs that are like crash courses.

Now, if only you could sign up your Port Barrington neighbors for some training to deal with their bad habits.

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Where will you leave your dog when you leave Bannockburn for vacation Spring Break?



Wouldn’t you like to know that, when you leave your Bannockburn home to go on Spring Break vacation, your dog is well cared for and has activities to keep him or her engaged, such as walks and Board & Train?

There are kennels where you can leave your dog when you take off from your Bannockburn home for Spring Break, and there are kennels where your dog can vacation while you’re away vacationing?


Some kennels are just that; they’re places where you can leave your dog while you’re away. The folks may be fastidious about cleaning, feeding and providing fresh water for your dog but these kennels don’t go beyond that. Your dog will be fine while you’re away but your dog will also be bored out of his or her mind.

The alternative to the no-frills kennel is the kennel that provides an experience, even an adventure for your dog. You’re going away on vacation and, though you can’t take your dog with, why shouldn’t your dog have a little vacation while you’re gone, too. That’s what these full-service kennels provide.

What can you expect from a full-service kennel, as opposed to the no-frills kennel? At the full-service kennel, your dog will have options that include:

  • Better rooms: A better room is a spacious room with easy access between inside and outside rooms. These rooms are comfy and cozy. The temperature is controlled so your dog is as warm, or cool, depending on the weather, as though they were in your own home.
  • Dog walks: ‘Dog Walks,’ in this instance is a verb, not a noun. As a noun, it would refer to an area where a dog can walk back and forth. As a verb, it means that someone actually takes the dog for a walk. The better kennels offer the latter. There is nothing quite as special for a dog in a kennel than the opportunity to get out and stretch his or her legs.
  • Television: Yes, dogs do watch television. Though, just as too much television can rot the brains of children, too much television may not be good for dogs, having a television can break the monotony for a dog stuck in a small room while you’re away. The better kennels actually offer flat-screen, televisions with dog-friendly programming.
  • Board & Train: Let that sink in – ‘Board & Train.’ What that means is, while you’re away, your dog will attend an exciting classroom environment where they’ll learn to behave like a true lady or gentleman. You’ll come home to a more socially adept pet. And, the classes are fun. Dogs love them and they’ll love you for giving them the opportunity.

Most kennels are good at what they do. But, if you have a choice when you leave your Bannockburn home for Spring Break, would you want to put your dog in a simple kennel or a kennel that offers a full range of options to engage your dog?

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Board & Train for puppy sets Spring Grove family free for Spring break


33473450 - family walking dog through winter woodland

Imagine leaving Spring Grove for Spring Break while your dog stays at a kennel near home and receives an intense, but fun, training called Board & Train. There’s a word for that – Fantastic.

Dad came in the door of your Spring Grove home and hollered, “Family meeting. Everyone in the kitchen.”


“Uh, oh. This can’t be good, can it?” And the look on dad’s face suggested it wasn’t. He looked, well, grim.

As you, mom, your sister and brother arrived, dad pointed at the chairs and said, “Sit.” Then, he stood at the head of the table and glowered at all of you. You all held your breath as he began to speak, trying to imagine what possible transgression could have brought this on. But, as he spoke, a transformation occurred.

With a mischievous grin, dad said, “So, the boss has decided I can have the last week of March off. You know what that means?”

It took a second to sink in. Then it hit: “SPRINGBREAK.”

You, your brother and sister, even mom, were jumping around, everyone realizing the idle discussion of leaving Spring Grove behind for a week and flying down to Disney World was no longer idle. It was a reality soon to happen. And, as you all jumped, even Patches, your 11-month-old Schnocker (Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Schnauzer mix), unsure of why everyone was so happy, was joining in, jumping and barking with the rest of you.

At first, all of you laughed at how excited Patches was but then mom stopped jumping. You saw the look on her face and stopped jumping, too. You saw her looking at Patches and, as your eyes followed hers to your white-and-black dog and then it dawned on you, too. What will you do with Patches while you’re away?

Dad, who had stood back with a big, proud grin, saw your and mom’s reaction. But, dad seemed as though he was prepared for it. As mom turned to talk, dad interrupted knowingly: “I’ve already taken care of that.”

“How?” asked mom.

“You’re going to like this,” dad said, getting serious for a moment. “Not only have I arranged for Patches to stay in a really good kennel while we’re gone (at this point, your brother and sister caught on and stopped jumping – only Patches continued), Patches will get some training at the same time. They call it Board & Train, and God knows Patches can use it.”

Your brother and sister started to jump again. Mom smiled. You started to smile but then you asked, “Are you sure Patches will be okay while we’re gone?”

“Absolutely,” said dad. “I checked out a couple places on the way home. The place I chose is outstanding but, if you’re worried, you can take a ride with me tomorrow and check it out yourself. And it’s not far from Patches home here in Spring Grove.”

Now, it was time to jump again.

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